In Love with Lucite

Yesterday I received a new order from Beadin' Path, my favorite supplier for Vintage Lucite beads. Lucite is such a cool material, it's lightweight and is easy to work with and comes in such fun colors. You can read more about Lucite at this great website here.

I found this info helpful this morning, and I figure it might entice you even more to place an order for some goodies. Most plastic beads are considered Lucite in the beading world- mostly because I think Lucite is a fancier term than Plastic. When I think of Plastic, I think of cheap beads. But the Lucite beads you can buy all over the internet- don't seem cheap.

They are strong, well made, a bit heftier than plastic but still nice and light. They are great for chunky designs, and I've seen some really great designs using these beads, in recent issues of Stringing magazine.

Another favorite supplier for Lucite is Etsy seller Reduction Nation. They are really well stocked, like I mean REALLY well stocked. Make sure to sit down and enjoy a cuppa joe when surfing through the pages and pages of beads.


  1. I love Reduction Nation on Etsy also! :)

  2. Lovely bracelet!
    Lucite is great! I totally agree.
    That bracelet just looks so great! I also fell for those orangy bumpy ones from Bead Trust.

    All my best,

  3. Those melon beads are my fav! I think it's because they look like vintage glass : ) . These should keep you busy for a bit!

  4. Your things are so Earthy! Nice beads!

  5. Those beads are delish! Love your pieces

  6. Eep, I just stumbled upon your blog and now am buying a few things to make my own jewelry with beads :) Your stuff is so beautiful!


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