Lacey landed in the big cartel shop today. I must have been in a blue/green mood last night. Lacey could be worn with this, if one so chooses. I love the lace detail on the handmade connector that Jade Scott made.

Been working on changing the blog up a little. You'll probably see it go through many transformations today. Right now I'm rocking the 3 columns but to me it's a bit distracting. My goal is to stream line the look so things are easier to find. One thing you'll notice is nice handy links to shops and tutorials and the like, at the top of the blog above where the posts start.
I also plan on changing the blog list to more of a separate post with links and different categories. Thanks to Lori of Waterstone, whose blog totally rocks.
You'll also notice another new banner. I love this one, especially this blog seems like my home. 


  1. I'm liking the changes to your blog so far and LOVE the new banner! I worked on simplifying and streamlining my blog this morning after seeing Lori/Waterstone's. Nothing is safe from me simplifying right now in the house, not even my blog! :D

  2. Look! It's Helen's necklace in your banner!! I love it and so does she - it still makes me smile every time she wears it, reminds me of our lovely day last year :-)

  3. Lovely bracelet! The page is pretty, quiet and clear with a smooth relaxing look. I like it!

  4. love it! very romantic!

  5. Pretty bracelet! Oh how I love Jade Scott :) the blog makeover is looking great!


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