New Harbinger Earrings

I had a really great time making these screw riveted tin and brass earrings. I had made the components last night and was thinking that they might make good components for the tin snippets shop, but then I just couldn't do it and decided to continue the Harbinger Collection. These are now listed in my Etsy store, but the Purple ones are now sold ;)

The blog is now revamped, I hope you all like it. I think it turned out great, and reflects my style perfectly. It's a better set up with only 2 columns. And this morning, with Lori's help, I was able to create my own buttons along the top! Thanks Lori!

I will try to make more components for Tin Snippets this weekend, and will try to plan a shop update for Sunday Jan. 16.  That way, you can try to make it- I'll try to make alot. we'll see how it goes.
Thank you to everyone for your support, I do appreciate all of your kind words, and purchases!


  1. Oh Love the red - Congrats on opening a findings store - I am sure you will be amazing!!!

  2. The blog looks great ~ I am finally taking the leap to start one of my own, but trying to come up with a catchy name is killing me! LOL
    Rock on with yo' bad self, Lorelei, I love the new earrings and hope to get my hands on some tin snippets soon!

  3. I absolutely love this series...and your blog's new look.

  4. This are sooo cool! Love the blog's new look too

  5. I like the new design for your blog, but I miss the list of links to other blogs - for some reason, I liked seeing when you had looked at them.


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