Whenever I am feeling empty of new jewelry design ideas, I surf through my past work and can usually be inspired to either revamp or recreate something. Last night I went way back to 2008/2009.  I have been wanting to recreate this Wheels Keep On Turning necklace for a while, and finally recreated it.

The basic layout is the same but the chain is different, and instead of using regular seed beads, I grabbed the peanut shaped seed beads, and put together a few short lengths of brass chain to make up the third strand.

The bracelet here is one that I created using some of Kelleys beautiful lampwork egg beads, some dangles of Turquoise, and a Copper metal Skull charm from Green Girl Studios. Last night I dug out a hoarded rabbit charm from GGS, and paired with some colorful lampwork from Loupiac, and brown leather cording. I was surprised to find one more little enameled metal flower to place by the focal!

 Lately I have an addiction of all things Lilly Pilly, so I recreated this simple button and Shell pendant necklace (on the right) I used a large Lilly Pilly Donut shaped pendant, a shell button, and then two gorgeous handmade buttons from Chuck at Fire and Skill. I love the femininity of this piece, it's really lightweight and looks great dressed up or down.

These new pieces will  end up on Etsy sometime today.


  1. Thanks so much for the heads up......I am an idea why todays date stuck in my's hard to find a rock to crawl under with all this snow.....ahem.....

  2. Your new old pieces are beautiful.

  3. Stunning! Loving the bracelet. I think enameled flowers are just darling.

  4. You must be reading my mind. I feel like my lampwork muse does not live here anymore, so today I was going to look through my old etsy photos. I love the flower on the skull charm.

  5. these redo's are all great ,they are wonderfully fresh updates to already lovely designs.
    the bracelet ,with those loupiac beads, is beautiful

  6. don't mind me, I am just over here in serious lust over that skull charm....

  7. I like the old and the revamped but sometimes things just need to be jump started with a change. I also like how you have revamped your blog as well.

  8. What a good idea - I've gone back and redone old illustrations but not old jewelry designs. I will have to try that out. I particularly like your first/top revamp. Those peanut beads look really great!

  9. Great idea! I heard from some lampworkers they like to remake sets to see how much their skill has grown.

    I love the new pieces.

    Lovin' those snippets too!

  10. Liking the reworked idea a lot ... yessuh! Well wrought nuanced pieces.

  11. Anonymous1/19/2011

    I seem to never have the energy to remake old pieces, but judging by your awsome results, it might be worthwhile after all.

    I love the skull charm on that old bracelet, it looks like ancient pirat gold.

    But the last two necklaces are my favourites, so very different and yet alike!


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