Flight Patterns

 When I bought these hand-painted ceramic rounds in Madrid, this was the design I was thinking of. A beaded bracelet with an asymmetrical twist, paired with some faceted agate rounds that KJ sent me. THANKS KJ!

The designs on the beads, reminds me of clouds or wind patterns. They have a really cool organic feel to them that I just love. And of course, they are my favorite color of all time.

 The Sparrow with wings spread, is a pewter bead from the very talented Green Girl Studios.
I used hematite spacer in between the ceramic beads, to help with the wearability- the beads have very large holes.
In this detail you can get a better idea of the patterns on the beads. Love the little hint of red.

This bracelet is available at Big Cartel.


  1. How pretty! I love the little Green Girl Sudio bird bead tucke in.

  2. Lovely! Sounds like you had a lovely time in Spain! :)

  3. Anonymous2/15/2011

    Love those colors and the balance of the overall design.

  4. Yummy colors! My favorites : )

  5. Very pretty. I have several favorite colors depending on the time of year but this is my color for spring and summer. You have some amazing beads to work there with.

  6. You're so welcome for the beads - I love what you did with them! I kept thinking darker more wintry colors when looking at them, but they look fabulous with those lighter ceramic beads!

  7. Hannah2/15/2011

    The pattern on the ceramic beads looks sort of like bird tracks, which fits really well with the bird bead!

  8. swopemelmel2/15/2011

    Lori you have done it again, this is just sooooooooo pretty. I'm so happy you are back and had a safe and wonderful trip. Mel


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