Golem Studios Display Jewelry

Vlad and Kremena of Golem Design Studio came to me several weeks ago asking if I would kindly make some jewelry with their beads so that they could display it at their table at Tucson. It's been crazy lately but I did manage to put together a few simple designs that highlight their fabulous beads! I love working with all of the cool shapes and colors that they create. SO TALENTED, this couple! I swear!
I was flattered that they asked me but really I was thinking- But the BEADS! I would think they would SELL THEMSELVES!! Doesn't hurt though to have some finished pieces at their bead table- just to give shoppers ideas of what they can do with the beads.
Well anyway, this is jumpstarted me into this weird Golem Studio collection phase and I am currently hoarding and still ordering more and more. They are just so cool!


  1. Anonymous2/04/2011

    I love that blue and yellow bracelet. That and all the rest such wonderful colors.

  2. Really super creations Lorelei!
    That IS an honor!

  3. I have been oogling their stuff for a while. Love what you did with it and look forward to whatever else you come up with. They do have really cool things.

  4. Lorelei,
    I love how you go out of your way to credit the artists that make the beads you use. Golem Design Studio is just one of the many art bead makers that love you back! Congrats on a beautiful collection.

  5. Wonderful collection and you really did showcase their beads!! I love every piece.

  6. Great beads, love your designs, so fresh.

  7. Wow, those beads are just beautiful. I love the color combinations they use. And your designs really help showcase them.

  8. Gorgeous! I've been adding cabs and pendants to my cart for the past 4 days.. I think I am going to have to do a serous cull soon!


  9. We saw this wonderful jewelry and all their fabulous beads on Wednesday. I especially loved the necklace with the wooden beads! Such great work!


  10. i just got a large order from them and I LOVE them too. such gorgeous colors and designs

  11. Lorelei,

    They are all gorgeous and I can see why they wanted you to do this. Enjoy your trip!

  12. You've complemented their beads so well, I couldn't imagine them NOT wanting you to make a few things. Great job at highlighting the possibilities of these awesome beads.

  13. The show ended yesterday, it was a really good one! Your jewelry pieces attracted lot of attention and comments! Thank you, Lorelei!

    PS Have fun in Spain!

    Golem Design Studio


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