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I had the day off from work- it was great. Although all I did was procrastinate on getting my taxes ready to file. I hate Tax Time! Although I am considerably more organized this year than I was last year. So, yea. There's that.
But I dread going to the Tax Lady's house. She's a wicked smoker,  and I leave there feeling extremely deflated, poor, and like I'm gonna die of an asthma attack. So yea. There's that.
But on the upside, I spent some time in the studio and made these three lovelies for my shop. I am digging them all, but mostly I am digging the rustic feeling that this wood background gives my pieces. find them at etsy

I also wrote this cool post at The Jewelry Accord blog, all about silk ribbon. Check it out if you have a minute.




  1. Lovely pieces, Lorelei, the backrgound looks way cool, too.
    If I were you I would ask your tax lady to NOT TO SMOKE while you were there!

  2. The buttons on the first piece are just the right bright touch of color. The perfect piece to take you remind you on the last drab days of winter that spring is near.

  3. They are all beautiful. Yes, the background helps a lot for the overall feeling. I mainly love the last bracelet.

  4. I see Kelley's egg up there! So pretty!

    Our accountant is a "Low Talker" Luckily my husband is hard of hearing so between the two of them it's *WHAT?*...*HUH?*...*WHICH ONE?* the whole fraking time ! UGH

  5. Lorelei, these are really creative! Love them all! Where did you get the wood? Was it an antique store find? I'd love for you to do another tutorial on photographing jewelry. I stink at it and have piles and piles of stuff to post. :-(

  6. ooooh, last thing I would need is another reason to avoid tax time! I think I'd find a new tax lady just based on the smoking :)

  7. They are all beautiful but the second one is very dreamy.

  8. awesome use of buttons!...very creative for sure. you've done it again Lorelei ;oP


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