Recent Inspiration

Inspired by....

old coins from the Archeological Museum in Spain

Ceramic donut: Artisan Clay 
brass wire; 
vintage chain; 
green garnet rounds; 
swirl charm: Vintaj Brass Co.

Inspired by....

Necklace from Selvedge Dry Goods catalogue

Memory Thread;
Wood, seeds, bone
Ceramic beads: Jangles


  1. Anonymous2/25/2011

    Hello beautiful woman of the elements!

    The pendant I've got on my site "Pirates booty" is a coin that I've replicated from an original doubloon taken from a sunken spanish ship. It looks like one of the coins you have in this picture.


  2. Your blog has been given the Awesome Blog Award!

    Read about it here:

  3. Oh good golly, now you've gotten me hooked on a new place full of things to covet with Selvedge...shame on you! :)


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