Resin sucks sometimes!


  1. I'm sending you some ecopoxycraftresin TOMORROW!

  2. One trick that I learned from Danielle Fox--you can use very fine-grade sandpaper and sand the hardened resin. It gives it this frosted look. Something to try if you want to experiment!

  3. You could scrape it out. I saw someone do that on his blog. I have sanded for a frosty look too.
    I just filled 8 bezels this afternoon. I got a tip from Patricia to coat the paper with ModPodge 3 times front back AND the sides. A ton of work but seems to make the difference. I was even able to use magazine image s with no problems.
    Suck when the bezels get ruined so quick add glitter or mica or a word clipping on top of that dark part. You still have time! lol

  4. I just ordered some ice resin, the kit from as they have a 20% off sale on, so I am glad you shared your little mishap (sorry though about the mishap) but you got a blog posting as you said, and I learnt something from your experience and from the comments on this posting. I know your project will turn out well, inspite of this minor setback. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Resin does stink sometimes. I've never tried the ecopoxy stuff. Let me know if you like it and welcome home:)

  6. Lorelei, Don't waste the bezel, you can scrape out the bad and reuse it.
    Like someone mentioned above, you need to thoroughly seal paper or you run the risk of the inks running.
    I know, a pain, when you think you're on a roll.
    Good luck - and welcome back home. Love your Espana photos.

  7. Yes totally coat everything with layers of Mod Podge even the sides. You can totally scrape that out or stick something in there and pop it out! Then you can reuse the bezel. I am addicted to Magic Glos uv resin because it drys in 5-10 minutes. Living in the Northeast I do wish I had a uv light.

  8. If you don't seal the edges of the paper as well as the front and the back the resin will seep into that tiny space. I put the gel medium in the bottom of the bezel first, then the paper image. The medium as I flatten the paper squeezes up around the edges of the paper and seals them. Put a coat on top, let it dry, then apply another coat.
    The trouble I have had with resin is bubbles, especially in deeper bezels. The really fine bubbles don't float to the top so I can pop then with a flame. It has been less of a problem since I have been stirring the resin really slowly, and letting it sit a couple minutes before I pour.
    Sounds like Spain was fun, you are turning into quite the world traveler.

  9. My last experiment with ice resin was bad as well.I put a piece of metal net in the back of the bezel behind all the other elements and I ended up with a green copper color and some horrible black patches. I have scraped it out but have not felt like working with it since. Yours is not nearly as bad as that.

  10. I just love these little video clips of what's going on in the studio! You are so cute. I'm sorry about the resin, but it looks like you got some good suggestions from some others!

  11. I could feel the frustration and disappointment from your video! I am so sorry you are having trouble! The bubbles get me everytime! I used to have the paper problem until I learned to use my clear packing tape to cover both front and back before cutting or punching out the picture. When I put the glue in the bottom of the bezel and then set my picture the glue seals the edges for me! Just a little trick.... I used to use Mod Podge but it sometimes made my ink smear, so I use the packing tape now.

    Good luck and again, I am so sorry! Welcome home! You were missed! :) I also wish you were closer to me as I could use your help in a decision on whether to purchase the printer's cabinet I posted pictures on my FB about.....oh what to do?? Take care hun!


  12. I'm a huge fan of using Golden Gel mediums to prep an image before using resin or something. It's expensive, artist quality medium but oh so worth it! My current fave is the Golden Soft Gel in Semi-gloss. But yep, coat all sides, front, back, insides (ha) very well before resinating it ;)

    And how about distressing the resin a bit? Maybe sanding/scratching the surface, then hit it with a bit of brown acrylic paint, then wipe off some of the paint...

    Good luck, I could certainly hear the distress and frustration in your voice!

  13. Lori Bowring Michaud2/14/2011

    Hi Lorelei. I'm sure it's dried by now, so I'm not sure that you can scrape it out. I wonder if you could lightly sand it with a really fine grit nail file to give it a little bit of tooth. Then paint the resin (using it as a base for your artwork) with either acrylic or air dry enamel paints, let it dry and either brush on or use an eye dropper to put a small amount of resin on top to seal it? Then the bezel won't be wasted.

  14. Oh no! Sorry to hear that happened to your resin. I wish I had some advice for you on how to fix it, but I know NOTHING about resin :(

    Good luck on your blog. Sending you good creative and positive vibes.

  15. :) sorry about the resin monster...definately use clear (shipping/packing tape) on both sides...cut the image...glue it in.....and then re-seal all around the "edges" of the picture and bezel with glue-(Elmer's works fine) let it dry overnight...then do the 98% of the would advise not ordering any resin in winter months when it is prone to freezing in your region...I read a while back in your post about some grainy has been my experience that this happens when the shipment freezes...wish the sellers would take note of this major issue!!! thanks for sharing your trip-light and love-amanda

  16. Hi Lorelei,

    Thanks for the video about the Ice Resin and your winter design. We are sorry to hear that it did not work out for you. We suggest for future Ice Resin projects that you try using Mod Podge® or a type of sealer created exclusively for paper products. This will prevent the paper from bleeding or forming "water spots". Artbeads does offer a 'How to Use Ice Resin' instructional page and video for handy reference. I have included the links below for you and your readers.

    How to Use Ice Resin

    How to Use Ice Resin – Video

    Warmest Regards,

  17. Thank you everyone!

    Thank you Duchess!
    Actually I did coat the front and back of the paper with mod podge before putting into the bezel- with a pretty generous amount. But I guess it just wasn't enough. I am looking forward to trying out the packing tape technique next! Will let you all know how it works!


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