Winter Enchantment: An Installment

Here is the follow-up post to the vlog I posted the other about doing some resin in a bezel for my blogging project.  Thank you everyone for your wonderful advice, but I ended up just leaving it as is and created my necklace around it. I am just not one to redo things. Once it's done, it's done- that is just my lazy way.  Is it really that bad? Um, yes. It kind of is- not very pretty. The idea wasn't even really a great one, as far as what I filled the bezel with. So I guess I'm not surprised that the whole thing just didn't work out. After being out of the studio for over a week, and then jumping head first into a project with resin, I don't know what I was thinkin'.

 The Nunn bezel that I used is a nice large square shape, nice and deep and great for resin filling. I cut the Wintery definition and bird image out of a really old dictionary that I have had for years and years, and layered them on top of starry sky scrapbook paper.

 The little Hill Tribe silver flowers and charms were strung onto a beaded necklace with faceted agate, and sapphire rondelles, and small ceramic blue and white melon shaped rondelles.

This cute bird pendant would have made a better focal for my necklace. You live and you learn I guess!


  1. You do make the most gorgeous jewelry this case I would cut of the pendant and add another one as the rest of piece is so great!...guess there is something in Your boxes that will fit :)

  2. i think it's very creative. i purchaced some resin some time ago think you have encouraged me to get it out and give it a try thanks;p

  3. Brenda B.2/15/2011

    The entire concept of the necklace is great with the little snowflake dangles and the chosen colors. What you need to do is seal the ink this time and make another one. That way you can feel good about using resin without worries, once again.

  4. I have found old papers tend to be very absorbent in ways that are unexpected when they are soaking under the resin. Sometimes it is good and makes it more aged looking, sometimes it is disappointing. Andrew gave me a tip once about sealing the paper with some kind of paper sealer before putting it under resin so it is less likely to discolor. I have tried it and it worked pretty well, but most of the time, I just use the paper and see what happens.

  5. I usually seal all of my papers thrice with mod podge before I resin them-- once for the front, once for the back, and once over the image once it's situated in the bezel to keep the resin from wicking into the sides.

  6. I usually seal my papers thrice with Mod Podge before adding resin-- once on the front, once on the back, and once over everything once it's situated in the bezel, so the resin doesn't wick into the sides. Works for me!

    (Hope this doesn't double post, my browser seems to be having issues!)

  7. Anonymous2/16/2011

    I would certainly replace that pendant. Just isn't working.

  8. Symmetrical! You don't do that very often - I love it. And don't change a thing.


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