Book Giveaway Winner announced, and some other things!


  1. love your video's
    congratulations Ann on winning that cool book.
    Lorelei i love calder's wire work but somehow missed his jewelry..i'm checking out that book.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Lorelei,

    Just as you were about to announce the winner a lovely red fox entered our yard. I was yelling at my daughter to come look and completely missed the name of the winner. Had to listen again, hoping it was me.

    I had fun watching your video even though I didn't win.

    Thanks for the tour of your bead table!

  3. Yay Ann! Cool to see BTW on video. Happy 16th to Bren today! And wish my hair curled as nice as yours :)

  4. I am so excited, and it was even more fun hearing about it via video. Thank you so much, you made my day.

  5. Congrats Ann!! Happy 16 Bren!!Your hair is beautiful curled.

  6. Nice to see you on video!

  7. Ooh, I love the little drawbridge necklace! And it's really cool to see your whole work area in action. & what a lucky little brother you have :)

  8. word verification = eracr

    Eraser? I have to erase my desire to win the giveway? ... Wah!

    Someday (this is supposed to be pathetic and whiny) I will win something ... sob!

    Congrats Ann!

    Congrats to Lorelei's brother on his birthday ... you have a super-duper sistah!

    Love to the world, and a lotta extra love to the sentient beings of Japan,

  9. Thats great congrats to the Winner!
    Nice comfy area Lorelei!

  10. Congrats to the winner and I hope your brother loves the pick!

  11. What a lucky winner! Congratulations! Cute video...your so cheerful..made me happy just watching. Oh and Happy birthday to your younger brother!

  12. I like how excited you get! Yeah for Anne!!!

  13. a)i am loving the blog via webcam
    b)your hair and headband are super cute
    c)your shirt is also super cute
    d)awesome gift for your brother, i'm sure he loved it
    e)congrats to anne!
    f)love your new creations
    g)totally jealous of your organized bead table.

    happy wednesday

  14. Hi Lorelei, mu computer wouldn't let me watch the video :( congrats to the winner.ttfn L :)


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