house beautiful

a house....where one lays their head every night
a heart.... because that's where my heart is
a key.... to keep them all safe
a flower....for a garden cultivated

a celebration of art beads from::


  1. I love this and the meaning behind it, truly beautiful x

  2. lovely..i had to look very close to discover the
    LOL over your Be nice or leave button..

  3. I love this: What it celebrates, all the artists included and esp. what you wrote.

  4. Beautiful! I love how I can click on your pictures and they fill up my screen so I can see every detail! Oh, I love your be nice or leave sign, too. My son says he needs to be able to put that on his facebook page! :) Have a great week!

  5. Me he enamorado instantaneamente de este brazalete!!

  6. Love it. So cute and so very YOU with the mixture of diverse elements that still work together as a harmonious whole.


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