Meet our Editor!

Erin and I thought it would be exciting to share the news that we recently received word that our editor for our upcoming Jewelry Accord book, is Michelle Mach!

Read an engaging interview with Michelle and see some of her designs that feature ribbon and cording...

Read more at  A Jewelry Accord...


  1. Hi Lorelei, i just picked my spring issue of "Stringing" today my local bookstore was making me crazy i was there every day since last week looking for and finally today they had it out its my fav of all the mags for unique inspirations for which i might add young lady many are yours they are all amazing but my fav is on pg 60 "raindrops keep falling" such pretty components Great Job!!! ttfn oh yes & congrats to Jenni on winning that beautiful necklace and while i'm here i love that 3 strand bracelet ok ttfn for sure now :p

  2. Michelle is great! You guys are in good hands!

  3. That's great news...Michelle Mach!! With Michelle at the helm I'm sure there will be smooth sailing ahead!


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