New Etsy Listings, and some news

What a crazy Monday.  Good news from the weekend was- I finished all of my things for my book and publication deadlines. You weren't worried, but I WAS!
What a huge relief!

Next up on my plate, in 2 weeks I am going to Raleigh to teach a beading class at Ornamentea. Yup. I'm teaching my very first class. And am SCARED to Death! My strongest reaction to this is, what on earth could I teach someone else. I usually feel like I'm still learning too.
So a lesson plan (being that I am married to a teacher) is on my agenda this week. I hope it's not too hard to compile some thoughts on paper. A plan will be good, or there may be some really ticked off students who want their money back. I'm just not willing to let that happen. So I shall teach something. Even if it's really basic.
You can read more about the class here. And if you are in the Raleigh area, maybe I'll see ya there?!

Another exciting thing happening is, I am getting my own office at work! They painted the walls today- I picked out a pretty pale green. Tomorrow they will shampoo the rug and then rearrange the office furniture and I'll be able to move in after the computer stuff gets hooked up. Looking forward to having my own space. We have been going through a bit of a transformation at work these days. So a positive change like this can bring nothing but good vibes! I would like to get some prints from Etsy to hang on my walls. If you have any great artists in mind, shoot me a comment.  2 of my favorites that I most definitely will have to obtain some new things from art Cori Dantini and Swallowfield.   And I've already asked my Momma if she will make me a cute Pennants garland to hang on one wall. I just have to buy some fabric.
 anyhoo, enough of me blabbing.

I finally got around to listing some new pieces in my Etsy shop this evening. I hope you enjoy them.
I can't stop fondling the bee earrings, and the Keyhole bracelet has the pretty pop of yellow that makes my heart sing, out of tune of course.... :)


  1. Love the new things, especially the button bracelet. Good luck with your class, you'll be great!

  2. yay for finishing the To Do's for your book. yay for fresh paint, clean rugs and your own office space. yay for more new jewelry --> lovely!

    and yay for teaching at Ornamentea. you're going to be fabulous!

  3. Congrats on your new office and meeting your deadlines. Love the new pieces, the bee earrings are my fave. Enjoy teaching the class..

  4. A Big Congrats to you on your 1st Class! This is really wonderful and I would think this is just a beginning for you. So happy for you Lorelei! xx

  5. I have thrilled with all of my etsy print purchases. Maybe these two are in line with your likes:

    1) Geninne (she also has a Big Cartel shop)
    - The snowy owl is the one I purchased.


    Sounds like fun.

  6. Kathleen Lolley! You must get a Kathleen Lolley print!

  7. Don't think of it as teaching, Lorelei. Think of it as sharing your love of beading and creativity with a group of friends. Sort of like a big bead party! I LOVE teaching - because although I AM showing them some techniques and answering questions, I know I'm with a group of people that, with a few exceptions, will love beading as much as I do. (Teaching my mother however, was a stressful lesson in futility!) :0) HAVE FUN!

  8. You are already a teacher, Lorelei. You instruct through your blog, and your magazine publications. I'm a teacher and half the trick is breaking things down into comprehensible steps. You do that every time you write directions for one of your magazine pieces or for your book. You'll be awesome. No worries!

  9. Lorelei, Congratulations on teaching your very first class! I know you'll be a great teacher and the class will be awesome.

    Love all your new pieces, especially the keyhole bracelet!

  10. Anonymous3/15/2011

    Lorelei, I'm sure you'll blow them away in your class...your work is beautiful. It's just getting through the 1st few minutes and you'll be just fine. When you're sharing what you love to create with other people, it takes on a whole new dimension. Speaking of...are you teaching anywhere in the CT/NYC area soon? Please, please do!! joyce

  11. Good luck on your teaching gig! That is such a great opportunity, I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job. We all have more to offer than we realize.

    Love the new Etsy items!

  12. Anonymous3/15/2011

    Lorelei, I just opened my Etsy shop and still have plently of items to add, one being a print of my original art. I will send you one (no charge)...just contact me via email. I looked at the 2 shops you like, so have a feeling you'll like the print. Joyce

  13. Heya Lorelei! :O)

    Your post is brimming with brilliant energy ... and I am feeling it for you! Yay about e.very.thing!

    About ze art ... I am an artist and willing to do a smaller commissioned piece for free, if you'd like.

    Contact me at my blog if you're interested: And no worries if you aren't interested, 'cuz I know that everything needs to be perfect for you & your new space.

    May the blessings be,
    also at:, and

    ps I wish I could attend your class ... I am sure you will be a natural!

  14. I'm sure your class will be fab, I wish I could come!
    Deb x

  15. I am registered to take your first class in Raleigh and i am sooooo excited to meet you! It will be fun....Ornamentea is the BEST bead store and everyone there is awesome - it will be loads of fun! Can't wait. Travel safe.

  16. Aw man! I would love to attend the class in Raleigh (I'm in Greensboro) but I can't since it's on Friday. If you ever teach on Saturday I'm there.

  17. You will be a wonderfully inspiring teacher. The fact that you are developing a lesson plan demonstrates your dedication to spreading the beauty. We are lucky to have you visiting Raleigh!

    See you then,

  18. I love to teach. You will do well- you have a great personality for it. A plan is good, but leave it at that, a plan.

    Printed handouts will help so the students will have something to take notes on and take home.

    Enjoy your time in Raleigh and pack well, it might be in the upper 70's there by the time you get down here.

  19. The yellow pop of the bracelet echoes your lemon tart from the earlier post!

    Congrats on an office!


  20. I am also in love with the yellow button in that bracelet! As a homeschool mom, I have plenty of opportunities to teach, and honestly, your passion for what you do will make your class a success! Seeing the light in their eyes, and knowing they are enjoying the chance to hang out and just bead, makes all the difference. Blessings and have a great trip!

  21. This etsy shop has a lot of lovely owl prints, and everything is made on vintage book pages:

    I know how you love vintage books and owls. :) Congrats on the new office.


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