Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hoppin down the bunny trail
Hippity Hoppity
Easter's on its wayyyyyyyy!

2 things about Easter as a kid that I remember loving...
My parents would hide eggs with complicated
clues to bring me to each one. 
I loved it! This is something I will continue one day with my own children.
And my parents would always get me a basket
but I would get a present or two as well.
An outfit, or shoes, or a toy.
Always looked forward to that.
Now as an adult my favorite thing about Easter
is spending time with family, and enjoying a big
Easter dinner!


  1. oh what a sweet bunny! As a kid I always loved the little books from Beatrix Potter :)

  2. Great necklace,Lorelei. An Easter that I'll always remember involved my Mother hiding is my basket full of chocolate bunnies in the oven, forgetting about the pilot light. There was just enough heat to make everything mushy!

  3. I love the necklace! Such a sweet pendant.

    Growing up us three girls always received a pair of shiny white clogs for Easter. Looking back I realized how much I disliked wearing them. They were awful! But I did enjoy the egg hunts and food with the huge family.

  4. Last year I made bunny prints in different colors from each of the kids beds to their little gifts! It was fun!

    My parents didn't do that stuff with us. We got a basket and a gift, but no games or egg hunts, though I still remember it fondly!

    Happy Easter Lori!!!!!! (oh- and that bunny pendant is super!!!)

  5. love this necklace. the pendant is totally the "classic" bunny. i loved Easter as a kid, but i definitely love it more now that i can make is special for my kids. happy Easter.

  6. I remember a huge stuffed bunny one year. I have the picture of me in my striped pjs with it and all the chocolate.


  7. Gorgeous focal, love what you did with the necklace.

  8. Love your necklace! And, I wish I had some of those clues, that is exactly what I have been trying to do tonight. My children are older, son 20 and daughter 15. She still loves a hunt, especially a mystery hunt.

  9. Happy Easter Lorelei!

    I do the same with my boys there is always a small toy. Well I thought maybe my 13 year old was too old for that so I got him a conatiner of pistachios for his Easter basket.......He was like "where's the stuffed animal?"...oof! BAD EASTER BUNNY!

  10. oooowuh, I love bunnies ... and this one is no exception ... happy Easter Lorelei! :O)

  11. He is so sweet :-) A lovely necklace.

  12. Totally love the necklace especially since it sparked my Muse.


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