Can I go back to bed now?

A rough start to this day.

Woken an hour early to tornado warnings in our area.

then found out Joe left my sunroof on my car open all night- 

a car filled with water isn't fun.

BUT! my iPad should be arriving this morning,

so that's something to look forward to!

This new bracelet is now available in my Etsy shop!


  1. Hi Lorelei, i am so sorry about the tornado warnings that must be so scary keep yourself & Joe safe & sound k! Do you have any furry friends? That sucks about your sunroof some antibaterial febreeze will help with that wet smell. Woww i really love this bracelet those components are so unique i especially love that heart. take care L :)

  2. Oh no! I hope you are all safe and sound. Today can only get better...right?

    And yes, you may go back to bed.

  3. Wow. That is eye catching and just perfect for spring and into summer with those colors.

  4. That sounds pretty scary. I am glad you are ok. this ia a marvelous bracelet. I love the focal and the colored links. Just works! Great piece!

  5. I am so sorry about your car. That sucks big time. The bracelet is beautiful Where did you get the colored rings? There so cute. I hope the storms did not do to much damage to your car/house. Have a wonderful Thursday! And YAY on the Ipad. My husband wants one so bad. lol.

  6. love the colors of that bracelet, and that wonderful focal. hang in there today!

  7. Beautiful bracelet... cool. I hope it arrives safely.

    I guess the good news can also be that you were not hit by a Tornado...but what a bummer to have the car full of water..Yikes!

  8. Now I'm not only coveting your bracelet but your pending iPad, too!! haaaaaaaaaa I hope you have a blast with it!!

  9. Sorry to hear about your car! Glad your IPad arrived! Whooo Hooo!

  10. Not jealous at all about your car but feeling a huge wave of jealous snarkiness over your iPad...I'm on my 5th week waiting for mine...pretty sure that everyone else in the world will have theirs before me...oh and the stupid case I ordered arrived 2 weeks ago just to rub it in...pffft!

  11. ouch about the car! Go figure right? Your bracelet is so adorable! I love it :)

  12. Love, love, love this bracelet!:-)

    So sorry about your car, and the tornadoes! :-(

  13. My mom did that to me over the holidays - left the window down on my car during a torrential overnight rainstorm. I'm STILL trying to get the mildew smell out!

    Yay for on-the-way iPad! I'm saving up to get one (come on tax refund check!) so let me know how you like yours when you get it and what kinda cool stuff you find to do with it!


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