Ecopoxy results

Resin and me... we just don't get along. Out of 4 filled bezels only 2 things semi-worked. If it's not bubbles it's bleeding papers -even though I covered the paper with clear tape on both sides.  I have the same result when coating the paper with mod podge. I am officially giving up.

Ecopoxy worked pretty similarly to the ICE resin. Wasn't as stinky, and was a bit thinner than ICE resin is. I used a 4:1 ratio like the instructions said.  I hope it dries in the 6-8 hour range. It should.

The bracelet has the paper- sweet little bird images. 2 of the bezels were inflicted with bleeding issues.

The wood bezel includes a rock and hydrangea bloom- kind of a nice Zen pendant. But there are 3 stubborn bubbles that I cannot get rid of. Tried blowing on them, tried piercing them with a needle. Nothing worked. Have them under a work lamp, thinking the heat would help. They are still there.

Did I mention I give up??


  1. i've been wanting to try resin filled bezels..but ..i would be soo frustrated to have it not work.
    i love these pieces..and the wooden Zen bezel is FaBulous at least the bubbles are well placed.

  2. I love the pieces, Bubbles and all. It is a beautiful bracelet, the wooden pendant is awesome. The dried flower looks so sweet. You had fun making them and that is actually all that counts. Have a wonderful Sunday! :)

  3. The fumes are what keeps me away from trying it.

  4. I just ordered some resin to try it. It looks like fun,but did not know it would be so hard to work with. I actually like the bubbles in your piece.

  5. It would be interesting to pick Jade Scotts brain on this one! This makes me not even want to try heh. That does blow! I think you may eventually get this down pat..I hope so. Nice pcs tho.

  6. Debby B4/10/2011

    Me too, the bubbles in the wood bezel do not take away from it, I think they add interest. I know this is unconventional but I wouldn't stress it if they remain!

  7. I use a flame to pop the bubbles in reg resin I am not sure if that would work with this stuff or not. Your pieces look great, flaws are a part of life :-)

  8. I like the bubbles, they make the flower look like it's in a little pool of water

  9. Lorelei, have you tried Golden Soft Gel semi-gloss? It's an acrylic medium that works well in many applications, including image transfer and sealing papers for use with resin. It dries clear, and even if you have some texture after applying, that will not show through your resin and it will appear clear.

  10. I've been using Mod Podge Dimensional Glaze to fill bezels, on regular glossy photo paper printed from my ink jet printer. It works well! Though doesn't have the nice resin dome - I am still too chicken to try resin yet.

  11. It sounds like the sides of the paper are not getting sealed remember even if there is tape on the front and back if you are cutting or punching it out the sides are exposed. I still think both are still charming! I agree with Shannon you probably need to flame the bubbles it's not the heat it's carbon dioxide that pops them. You can even "Huff" hot air over them like you would clean glasses and that should help them pop but do this before they set. It's all practice!

  12. Please don't give up! If you do, I won't have the nerve to try with the resin I bought.

  13. Lorelei, you are funny. Coz I remember reading a post of yours very much like this one some months ago. You concluded you would never touch resin again. But then I have seen you do it anyway. And again and again. I don't think one bit you'll give up. You just don't have it in you! ;-)

    I haven't tried resin myself yet. But I always get so inspired when I see what you do. I should put the components for doing it on the top of next month's shopping list. Most of all I would like to make my own metal bezels also. Like Jade Scott's ones. But I don't think that will happen, at least not in a very near future.

    All my best!

  14. I do a lot of resin, and the only thing that's worked for me has been coating one side with mod podge, then the other, cutting out the shape, sealing the edges, and then sealing it a FOURTH time once it's actually in the bezel.

    It's a lot of work, and even so I occasionally get a discolored spot.

  15. I agree sealing it once it's in the bezel works great for me. I also use my creme brulee torch to get rid of the bubbles, just pass the flame over the top of the piece once the resin is in to magically make the bubbles disappear. The first time I tried this I held the torch over my piece to long but after that realized it was just a quick kiss to pop the nasty buggers.

    Try again I know you will love the results once you get the teckie stuff out of the way.

  16. Really, it does get better! Two coats of Mod Podge (also on the sides) and Ice Resin. It is going so much better for me!

  17. Anonymous4/11/2011

    I LOVE the bubbles in the Zen Pendant it makes it look like some sort of a magical water lily. I would buy it !!!!!!!!! How is it drilled? Your bracelet is also awesome, it has an old rustic feel. The bleeding gives it an aged look.

  18. swopemelmel4/11/2011

    Sorry, the Anon comment was from me. I guess I was to much of a hurry and hit the wrong button. Again I love the Zen piece. Let me know what you decide to do with it.

  19. Hope these tips help. I've been teaching ICE Resin classes for over a year at and am glad to share some of my knowledge gained through LOTS and lots of mess-ups. :)

    I've been working with ICE Resin for about a year and a half now and it really is amazing. You can literally put ANYTHING in resin...I've used rice, life savers, cherrios. It's like creating a little time capsule for archeologists to find in a few hundred years and wonder what the hell I was thinking.

    You can use modge podge but something that is a bit less expensive is regular Aleen's Fast Drying Clear glue. A few coats of this on the front and back will go quickly. Also, as others mentioned, it is important to seal any porous material (i.e. paper, fabric) AGAIN on the edges after you have cut it to fit.

    As for bubbles, I have had luck with a little trick called carbon dioxide. Breathing heavily(like you would to frost up a window) on your resin pieces after pouring will get rid of any potential bubbles. However, I've really not had that much trouble with ICE Resin and bubbles.

    It also helps the drying time if you place the bezels under a shop light with a regular light bulb in it (not the energy saving kind, the old skool kind).

    To stop overflow of resin onto your wax paper and possibly your bezel, OR if you have a crazy shaped bezel, silly putty is a must have. The resin does not stick to the putty and will keep your bezels super clean and on a even surface. Surround your bezels in silly putty before pouring for easy cleanup. Plus, you can use it over and over again!


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