Griffin Series

Okay yea, I know- it's kind of a wimpy series. But I didn't want to go all crazy making a bajillion of these without trying it out first. so this is a little trial. If people like em, I'll make more. If they hang around too long, forget-about-it.
I just wanted to try doing something really simple - besides the fact it's all I can wrap my head around right now... and something inexpensive (only $24.50!) and interesting (ART BEADS!!) So see, now you know where my head was at with that. Plus I really dig a series lately- and I can't get enough of this Griffin silk beading cord.

Tin snippets are coming tonight around 6:30. Just a few sets, only floral bead caps. Will try to work on some more tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you are enjoying your weekend!! My Saturday FLEW by so fast, in the blink of an eye.


  1. I like every of them!

  2. gina caputo4/09/2011

    I just watched your video and I feel so bad for you-my husband and I have had to pay for the last few years and I don't even sell my jewelry. I know it's frustrating, but on the up side-your business is doing really good. I wish you they best-once your over the shock, you adjust to it. Hang in there.

    Best Wishes,

  3. Really love the simplicity of these :)

  4. these are the colorful cording and the tin snippets too

  5. Nice Lorelei! Im so glad youve sold alot in your shop. Personally I think your Jewellery has been so resonable. Art Beads are expensive!

  6. I agree with Janet I think your jewelry is reasonable, even cheap for the beads you use.
    I am glad your sale went well and the tin snippets are very pretty!
    I like the necklaces and I have never heard of griffin cord so that's a new one for me.
    Shannon C

  7. I would love to know where I can buy the Tin Snippets?


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