Just want to thank Jenny for the wonderful idea she planted about making a mold of this button. I took this bracelet and had it in the shop, removed it promptly and now I ask- can one of my talented friends make a mold of this, and cast some pewter buttons for me with it!? Shoot me an email!

july 14, 2011
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  1. Hi Lorelei, what a cute button i just love owls,sorry i can't help with the mold i make my own for poly clay with silicone mold maker i get at Michaels it's works great and sets in minutes not sure how they make them for pewter i'm sure one of your wonderful followers will be able to help you out, good luck and have a Happy Easter ttfn L:)

  2. Hi Lorelei, Lynn Davis makes mold and casts pewter. Her blog address is:
    She has two etsy shops too, but I don't have the URLs but they are posted on her blog.

    BTW, check out my hand-painted (by me) pewter owl with Leprechaun on my blog: www.ArtemisiaStudio.blogspot.com

  3. Hi Loirelei, It would br great if someone could help you out.(which I am sure someone could help you out) It would be awesome. The bracelet is very nice.

  4. That owlie is so smoochable and should be preserved!


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