Wednesday Ramblings

* Last night we went to bed at 8pm. it was still light outside....
* which means I didn't make any jewelry but put together some earrings (above) over coffee this morning.
* Tonight we get our taxes done. what a huge hassle.
* I bought eggs this morning. And a Kite yesterday.
* My new boss starts at work on Monday. First impressions are everything.
* Speaking of work, I feel as if I am drowning under a pile of paperwork.
* Trying to decide on a handmade case for the iPad I haven't gotten yet... i like this one, this, and this!
* Also trying to decide if I should grow my hair out or get it cut again. One thing is for certain, the grays
   need to be hidden.
* Still waiting for these to arrive. Gorgeous and unique!
* So happy to see the sun today after two days of dismal rain.


  1. Nice to read a ramble through your thoughts! I think Wednesday, mid-week is a good day to weed through whatever thoughts are growing in our heads! Pretty earrings!!!

  2. Thanks for the support this morning Lorelei. I love those embroidered pendants, very creative.

  3. Anonymous4/06/2011

    ooohh--an ipad case! I've had my ipad for almost a year now and I got my case from etsy--Borsa Bella---the stitching is perfect and hasn't stretched one bit. My ipad fits perfectly and I have a small amount of room to put one book in there with it, if I wanted. You know, sometimes you just need a physical book!! At least until they are all digital!!!
    Kim (Texas)

  4. Nice thoughts Lorelei...its always nice to see what your up to. We still have to do out taxes yikes. Love Jades kite! Your desk looks so neat..I dont think you ever make real messes! (I need your neatness heh)

  5. Those pendants are adorable! Great mix for your style. :) Good luck with taxes and paperwork and everything at work.

  6. I love the top earrings, but what I really wanted to post about is hair. Don't cover up the grays. I found my first gray hair when I was 18. The gray really began to show in my early 30's. I have never died my hair and that has helped it remain healthy. There are plenty of beautiful women out there with gray hair, you could easily be one of them.

    Plus, think of how awful it is going to be to color year after year and then how really bad it will be to let it grow out.

  7. I lurve when you do random. The eggs are awesome...I love when Anne uses shards. And I agree with KJ on the greys. But then I'm so OCD, I can't deal with roots and have been known to dye every 3 weeks to avoid them. Which is why I can't do that anymore...I ruined my own hair...multiple times. Some lessons I need to learn repeatedly ;)

  8. Ohhh I love the middle earrings... will you be listing those?



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