beekman 1802

today, we made it to sharon springs. 
we lunched at the Black Cat Cafe
gushed over the Lebanese potato salad,  
walked up and down main street, 
marveled at the old historic hotels, 
daydreamed about winning the lottery 
   and buying the empty storefront a few doors down from the Mercantile store, 
fantasized about the town and what it was like back in its hay day, 
stopped in at the Mercantile shop
chatted up Megan, 
bought some Cajeta caramel sauce and goats milk soap, 
drove by the actual Beekman farm like a coupla papparazzi, 
and took a zoomed in shot of brent as he was working in the yard.

i am such a dork.
but, what a great day.


  1. you are the awesomest. i am so jealous right now. :) sounds like fun!

  2. Sharon Springs NY? Really? I used to live up near there. It is so pretty. The biking was sublime.

  3. Hi Lorelei, sounds like you had a great time & your a cute dork lol :P have a great weekend ttfn L:)

  4. oooh, I know you were in heaven being out there AND seeing Brent! :D

  5. Don't know if this is possible, and if you even want the honor, or if you already are one. Please consider your self an honorary Beek Geek.

  6. my wife and I met Josh and Brent earlier this year in DC, two of the nicest guys I have ever met. If you are still there you should see if they will give you a tour of the farm, i am sure they would. also congrats for getting Brent to Tweet about you, lol.


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