Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine

Definition: state of great happiness
Synonyms: bliss, blissfulness, heaven, over the moon, paradise, perfect contentment, seventh heaven, top of the world, walking on air.

This does not describe me  at the moment but I am hopeful that this will come. My day will come. Soon enough.


  1. Just found her work from my Etsy friends....LOVE LOVE LOVE everything there!

  2. Love the color!!!
    Yeah I cut my bangs too short so I'm not happy either - I look like Sally Brown....Charlie's Sister?...yeah...not good....

  3. This is a *stunner*

  4. adorable. Tell me it doesn't make you happy to make stuff like this? And the ice cream bracelet? so cute it's redonk!


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Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.