Crown Postale- Don't mind if I do!

Andrew Thornton has been hard at work the past few weeks, creating beautiful beautiful things, such as these brand new Crown Postale pendants. He creates the pendants using filigree and bezels, attaches them together, and fills the bezels with vintage stamps and paper ephemera. Some of the resin has been sanded and buffed for an even more vintage feel.
I got my hands on these 4, and used one in this bracelet design below! They have such a romantic feel to them!  I used this patinaed pendant as the bracelet focal and attached strands of simple wire looped vintage glass rounds, and some ruby and turquoise beads with brass spacers. The toggle is from Vintaj Brass Co. As a little added embellishment, I added a small bronze heart charm from Candice Wakumoto.


Be sure to check out Andrew's Big Cartel shop for the Crown Postale pendants, and other really cool things he's making. I have one of these, one of these AND one of  these coming my way soon! I can't wait!


  1. So that's where the bezel came from!! I love this bracelet and the earrings that go with it -- the colours just scream spring, no more than that -- SUMMER to me. Like I want to be in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean....mmmmmmmmmmm

  2. I have one coming my way!

  3. It's awesome Lorelei!!

  4. Lovely work! Thank you for using them in your work and posting about it! It really means a lot to me. I love how the work of one artist is then transformed and enhanced by another! Great job!

  5. Debby B5/12/2011

    I agree, lovely pendant and so fun to see the awesome beadwork that enhances it and brings it even more to life! Good job you two!

  6. these pendants are AMAZING!

  7. Lorelei,
    The pendants are beautiful and your bracelet is so pretty.

  8. Kallista5/19/2011

    I love the bright colors. Can't wait to see what you make with the skull key, Lorelei! I like the skull craze in beads right now, reminds me of pirates.


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