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Going back to 2008 - my design process was very much like it is now, except I didn't have the stash of beads that I have these days.

I miss those fun word charms that Melanie Brooks made back in the day. They always added that little bit of pizzazz to a piece.
Necklace of Knowledge
I love this!! The pewter Tree of Knowledge coin pendant from Green Girl Studios is one of my favorites. The lampwork glass bead is from The Orange Bell and some simple green silk. 

Another favorite! I love the red beads in this piece- the asymmetrical placement- and the experimentation of using cording as the button loop. This pewter bird from Mamacita Beadworks sits on top of a wire wrapped pod pendant from Michaels, that I filled with turquoise rounds.

I am just trying to get inspired today. Hoping to make stuff, we'll see if I can stay focused for a while.
Hope you all have an inspiring and crafty weekend!


  1. so pretty . have a wonderful weekend!

  2. perfect! I love everything!

  3. They're all fantastic! I love your style! What a great way to use the key. I have several just like that, but I've never thought to hang them sideways. Great idea! ...I think your jewelry has been beautiful all along. I've been reading the archives of your blog lately and it's been really interesting to see how you've progressed. I'm always looking forward to seeing your new (and older) creations! :-)

  4. Love your stuff, Lorelei. Your bead choices, and what you arrange together! Yum. If I only had money...

  5. I still love that piece you made with my word charm. Sorry you miss them! I didn't want to make them anymore when a big retailer stole the design. :( Good news is that I recently broke the word stamps back out and am re-inventing the design! I will be premiering them at B&B! Have fun!

  6. Hi Lorelei, i have been a fan for a very long time b4 i met you in blog land you are just so artistic and have an amazing eye for have a creativity have a great weekend ttfn L:)

  7. They are all beautiful

  8. Love the key clasp and the nest especially. Reading this as my cat Smokey climbs all over me. You inspire me!


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