I heart Enameled Beads!

Everybody is having the BEST giveaways these days! Maybe it has something to do with the "End of the World" or maybe people are making so much stuff they just have to destash, or maybe people LOVE giving stuff away. Whatever the reason, I LOVE IT!!

Go over to Barbara Lewis' s blog to enter a great giveaway for a set of enameled beads, in any color you like! She is promoting the Look Inside feature at Amazon.com for her new book, Painting with Fire. Finally, a sneak peek at the new book, which I am really excited to get my hands on.

She's drawing a winner Tuesday, May 31st!


  1. Thanks, L. You're funny about the End-the-World GiveAways. I was teaching a workshop on Saturday and my son called me to ask if I'd be home before the end of the world! Jim and I made it in time!

  2. Oooooooh must have that book too! Off to check it out!

  3. Lorelei!!! Thank you so much for posting these wonderful giveaways! I'm so excited!!! Kisses!

  4. o-o-o-o, I am so on this now! Thanks for the tip!


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