Inspired by: Swallowfield

I have this lovely print from Jennifer Judd-McGee's etsy shop, Swallowfield, in my studio. I look at it every day and it never occured to me until last night, to use it as inspiration for a piece of jewelry! So I sat down and pawed through every drawer and bin in search of coordinating beads. Here is what I came up with .... It was originally going to be a necklace but the charms weren't lying the right way for that style, so it turned into a charm bracelet which I love much better.
It jingles and jangles just perfectly. I included a vintage faceted Jet glass button, a red lampwork spacer from Loupiac, a spotted charm from ClayButtons, an flower Arte metal charm from Vintaj, a ceramic rose bead from Gaea, a bee bead from Round Rabbit Extra, a lampworked button from Gardanne Beads, a red carved bone round, and a glass and polymer charm from The Lola Collection. The charms dangle off of round link chain.
I have quite a few of Jenn's prints in my house, I wonder what I can draw inspiration from next!


  1. OMGosh this is absoutly beautiful! The print is beautiful in it self. I just love your designs. Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. Hi Lorelei :)

    What was your inspiration for your bookworm bracelet thats in your shop right now? If you want to share :) That book bead is just precious!

  3. Love the print and the inspired bracelet!

  4. That's a neat bracelet inspired by a very quirky and interesting print. Love all the patterns.

  5. Thank you for pointing out yet another cool shop! Love her stuff too, and your bracelet is gorgeous and obviously inspired by Jennifer's piece.

  6. Looking at your darling bracelet makes me pout all over again. I just got back from Portland, Oregon where there is a great little button shop (The Button Emporium)and that was the only shop I wanted to go to, unfortunately I didn't have time to stop in and I'm very disappointed. Love you're bracelet..pout, pout, (smile)

  7. Oh my gosh you hit it dead on! What a great inspiration piece and a lovely bracelet!

  8. I love the bracelet and the inspiration piece! I especially love the chain you used! It's perfectly chunky yet somehow light. Would you mind sharing the source?


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