Inspired by Wing Dings

I saw this yesterday and was immediately 
inspired to play with my Genea Beads too.

I added a pewter Pollination Clasp from Mamacita Beadworks
and some patinaed chain. 

This necklace can be worn several different ways, with
the clasp as the focal at the front, or at one side.

I love how the wing ding beads look all lined up together.
This was a fun necklace to put together.


  1. Wow - and I LOVE the chain!

  2. Sweet! If I wore this I'm sure I would be fiddling with those beads all the time, and everyone would wonder about me.....they probably do anyway.

  3. Those are so neat! What a clever invention. I love Mamacita's clasp too :)

  4. Love it! I like how the wing dings mimic the shape of the bee in the clasp. It all just flows nicely in this design.

  5. Kallista5/19/2011

    Lovely! This necklace looks as if it might fly away!

  6. I have to laugh because I have that same clasp but haven't done anything with it yet and I can't tell you how many times tha happens to me when looking at your blog LOL! We have some kind of weird psychic bead link thing going on :-)

  7. Anonymous5/21/2011

    I love this necklace - so beautiful!


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