I am hearing the announcer yell this, and in my head I see Karyn B get up from her seat on the that fun game show Price is Right, and run-screaming at the top of her lungs down to the stage. Ok, so it's really early and I am a bit delirious. But I did love that show!

The winner of the Golem Studio pendant and beads, via Random.org is Karyn B!  Email me Karyn, and I'll get your bead set right in the mail to you today!

Thank you all for some wonderful comments about your favorite Spring things. My favorite thing about Spring is that first visit to the Nursery where we pick out flowers for the planting pots I put on the porch. I know then, that it's really here to stay!

Enjoy your Wednesday today! And tune in next week for another giveaway- you are going to LOVE IT!
 Here is a sneak peek....


  1. I watched the Price is Right a lot when I was young. My most vivid memory was a woman's tube top slipping down while she was running down the aisle after her name was called. She was so excited she didn't even notice.

    Congratulations on winning Karyn!!!!

  2. I LOVED Bob Barker and the Price is Right!!! CoNgRaTs Karyn B!

  3. Loved that show too! Congrats to Karyn B!

  4. *gets up and rushes the stage*

    Yay! Thanks SO much, Lorelei, and everyone! I'm super excited. I just love Golem Studio's work!

  5. I loved Bob Barker, Congrats Karyn!

  6. I'm much enjoying your blog,Lorelei!I meant to start following when I read you were #1,but just forgot.I've been reading some of the past contests and giveaways,and your ideas,and I agree-you are #1 Blogger!


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