Old is New Again!

 A popular genre in jewelry designing today is mixing old found objects with newer beads and findings. It creates an updated and modern twist on vintage jewelry that people love! Don't be afraid to mix new with old, it's quite easy to do.

This month's Artbeads.com blogging program theme is What's Old is New again! and so the partners were asked to purchase items from the website that invoke that vintage feel and pair them items that are old.

For this first bracelet design, I picked a brass circular link, brass bezel charms and those pretty resin flower cabs.  I glued the cab into the brass bezel with superglue.  I paired these items with some Czech glass beads, Vintaj Brass Co. round link chain, and an old Keyhole. Above the flower charm, I added a vintage brass button as embellishment.


 I love the brass bezels - I didn't get a photo of the back but it has a pretty floral design on it. You can find a lot of vintage-type findings in this Tierra Cast category at Artbeads. The round Flower Cut out link is also so sweet. I love the design and the cutouts give many options for attaching it with wire or to other components.

 I also picked out some pretty glass cabochons at Artbeads. I had gotten these with some Nunn Design silver tone bezel connectors but when I got them, the glass cabs are a bit too big. The only thing I had on hand that would fit perfectly are these copper ring blanks. Although both "newer" components, it still has a vintage feel and reminds me of a vintage button.

 I took those silver links and put together this pair of earrings. The Resin flower cabs fit perfectly into the bezels and with the loops on both top and bottom, I just attached some jump rings and earring wires at the top. Then tied some vintage silver shank buttons using some vintage thread with silver running through it, to the bottom loop.

Disclosure: All above mentioned beads from Artbeads.com were kindly provided free-of-charge by Artbeads.com, within the frames of Artbeads.com blogging program.  I was not paid in any way for doing this post.


  1. Absoutly Beautiful. I love the flower cabs. This piece is stunning. I am in love with the keyhole. Have a wondeful Mothers day.:)

  2. Gorgeous! I love the flower cabs too - very inventive on your part!

  3. I can't believe it - I picked out the same bezel links, but in brass and the EXACT same resin flower cabs (same color even) to make earrings with! I even have them already glued in and sitting on my craft table...and I picked out a similar brass cutout flower link as well. This is not the first time this has happened. I seriously think we have a psychic link with each other, lol! Love all you designs!

  4. Beautiful, love the earrings! Great idea!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous - I love them all, but especially the lovely bracelet at the top....beautiful.

  6. Kallista5/19/2011

    Very pretty, I love that old-timey look. Those pink carved beads in the bracelet are just gorgeous!

  7. I love all of these! such pretty colors!


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