Tronex Tools Review


This is a really unscripted and short review on my Tronex tools- Enjoy!


  1. Great review! I love my tronex tools, too. And you are right about the longer handles and the spongy covering. :)

  2. Very useful. Some of my tools are wearing out and I need to replace. Cutters are ones I need. I'll check out Tronex. The other things I need but are difficult to find are round nose and bent nose pliers with very fine tips. I wonder if I'm going to have to find a way to grind them down when the precious ones I have give up the ghost. The ones you show look very thick. Do you use fine ones or know where to find?

  3. Wonderful Review. I am checking them out now. All the ones I have except for my wolf one came from wal-mart. lol. So you know they are aweful!.

  4. Really interesting. I love my Lindstrom but those handles on your look really comfy and the cutters good too. I'm always curious as to what people use flat nosed pliers for. I have never used them and find anything you can do with flat nosed, you can do with chain nosed and more....what do you do with them?

  5. I was wondering about buying tronex cutters, so glad for the review!

    As for modify pliers...I use a belt sander to adjust the tips of my tools.... was really easy on straight pliers... not sure how easy it would be to evenly grind bent nose pliers

  6. Lorelei everything you said is absolutely true about Tronex. I bought the Tronex Razor Flush Cutters and they are fabulous. Even my local jewelry store does not use these and we wasted so much silver wire in a class by having to file and recut and file to get that flush fit. That is why I made my investment so I wouldn't waste expensive silver wire! Marvelous May to you...


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