The Bead Pod is open again

I am destashing the studio this week.  Started this process yesterday and you can find a few items still left in the shop this morning. I hope I can get get a good amount posted. The studio is a disaster. Be sure to keep your eye on the shop as I will be posting little updates throughout the week.

Joe is officially on his annual camping and fishing trip this week. I was a pms'ing nightmare the day he left but am feeling better today. And in case you picked up on that, nope- not pregnant yet. Which added to the upsetness considerably. Better luck this month.
Maybe I should start another blog. to discuss things like that. Maybe you are all cringing right now. ugh!

I have been such a clutz the last few days. Yesterday I dropped an old container of cottage cheese and it went ALL over the floor. Have you ever tried cleaning up dumped cottage cheese? omg. whatamess.
This morning I woke up and came downstairs to a beeping alarm. Took me 10 minutes to figure out where it was coming from. The freezer was left ajar all night and the fridge was telling me to close it with an alarm.  Everything was all melty. Wonderful.
Went to pour a coffee, nothing. I had forgotten to add the water to the pot last night so it never brewed. Then the damn thing nearly blasted my head off with a puff of steam as it was open. Nice.

it is definitely monday.


  1. loralee kolton6/27/2011

    Yup, I understand....trying for a baby isn't always that easy and it's an emotional rollercoaster. Long story short, it took about 4 years to finally have my first. ...Thanks for sharing =) xox

  2. It would seem it could only get better from here. Karma owes you!

  3. I hear you on the cottage cheese! I once dropped a bowl of chili--it went EVERYWHERE, including behind the fridge and on the ceiling. A biiiig bowl of ice cream usually helps the "mondays." For me, at least! ;)

  4. Oh no! Well, it can only get better from here right? Chin up girl. :-)

  5. Yup… I second the "Bowl of Ice Cream for breakfast" for today for you. Or at least a nice iced mocha coffee on the way to work.

    Keep your head up with everything… Go out and shake things off a bit (maybe stand under a tree and get a little more oxygen direct from the source…).

    Big Hugs!!!

  6. No cringing. My heart goes out to you, it must be so hard. I'm not thinking about children just yet but as my partner is female....well, I can guess it won't be totally straightforward when the time comes. My Mum works in an acupuncture clinic (receptionist) and has done an investigation into how it can help with those struggling to conceive, which it has for many of their clients....just a thought. Hugs and best wishes. I'm all for the idea of ice cream! x

  7. We all have those days and you can either smile or cry, but keep on going, because tomorrow is another day. Oh and I agree with the others have some ice cream.

  8. I've been there, Lori. Sending hugs.

  9. Hi Lorelei :)

    Sending you good thoughts :) When I'm on my period I ALWAYS am dropping things, too. Those days I just let myself laugh at the silliness of being human :)

    Anyways, I've heard that eating avacadoes helps fertility. If you think about it, they're in the shape of a pregnant woman and her womb, so there might be some truth to it :)

    Better luck next month.
    DOn't forget to laugh


  10. Hope things are going better today!

  11. Courage, ma cherie! Things will turn out better. If you can, find some smooth round stones and some smaller smooth round stones and place them around you, pairing one large stone with one small stone. Rose quartz is also a good stone to wear, and pearls of course. Let's see... there is a superstition about pomegranates and other fruits with many seeds, too. Who knows if such things really work? It can't hurt to try. Here's hoping!

  12. Oh it is totally a rollercoaster - I remember crying because someone gave me the wrong order at as restraunt! My husband thought I had lost my mind. The only thing worse then cottage cheese is raw eggs BLEECH - one of mine once dumped a carton of eggs , leftover mac and cheese and a head of celery ( for texture?) onto my living room floor and massaged it in with his feet - what a disaster!

  13. Lorelei, I know (not from personal experience, but based on my sister's and my friend's experiences) how frustrating, exhausting and depressing trying to get pregnant can be. However hard it seems, try to keep yourself as relaxed as you can. Try massage and meditation and positive thinking! We're all praying for you!


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