Best Weekend Ever!

What a super time I had this weekend. Ohmygosh! I met a ton of cool people, including Danielle Fox of Interweave, Pam Wynn (the best best best roommate EVER!), Yvonne from My Elements, Kathy of AD Adornments,  blog reader: Ellen Wagner, Designers: Lori Anderson, Cindy Wimmer, Erin Prais-Hintz.  I also got to meet Vlad from Golem Studio, MAK from MakuStudio, Cassie Donlen, the owners of Lima Beads, Katie Wall from Fusion Beads, Jennifer of Jangles, Jess and Betsy and Rose from Vintaj. It was awesome!
I also got to see all of my friends too, Diane Hawkey, Melanie Brooks, Lisa Peters, Andrew Thornton.....  I am already counting down the days til next year's show. I hope I'll be able to go again!

Friday when I got into town I bipassed going to the hotel at all and just had the shuttle drop me off right at the convention center, suitcase and everything. Couldn't get in fast enough! I was able to walk around and say Hello to everyone and scope out my favorite beads. Went out for a nice quiet dinner with Diane Hawkey and Melanie Brooks, enjoyed some wine. Went back to my hotel and slept great. Breakfast with Pam Wynn, where I grilled her about her wonderfully talented daughter Heather (my idol!) What a freak she must think I am! ;)
Met up at the show with Heather Trudeau, got a glimpse of that beautiful new baby, and then we shopped our hearts out. After the show, we met up at the Humblebeads table where a bunch of us went out to dinner. After dinner I was coerced into going to Karaoke with Andrew Thornton and Katie Wall. We met up with the fabulous girls of Beaducation- where I enjoyed watching Lisa Niven Kelly and Kate Richbourg sing some of the most excellent karaoke ever. I ran out of steam about midnight and wandered back to the hotel.
Breakfast with Pam on Sunday before heading to the airport for a nice uneventful trip back home!

Oh, you want to see the beads?!  LOL sorry, here they are! (the pic will get bigger if you click it)

1. Green Girl Studios
2. Lisa Peters Art
3. Diane Hawkey
4. Earthenwood Studio
5. Golem Studio
6. Pam and Heather Wynn
7. Wynwood's
8. Z Beads
9. Mini eggs from Karen Elmquist
10. Czech glass and Porcelain beads from Jean Christen
11. AD Adornments
12. Humblebeads
13. C Koop Beads
14. Pair of skull charms from Anne Choi
15. Teensy acorn from Julie Nordine

Of course, I never take enough pictures while I'm at events like this. Just too distracted by all the sparkly beads. I did take a short video with Heather early on on Saturday and will upload it later. But here are a few pics from the weekend.


  1. Thanks for the glimpse into B&B! What fun. I think I would go into overload and just start giggling and skipping through the show. What is that crazy device (Big Kick) in the Vintaj booth?

    I love the beads you bought and can't wait to see what you do with them.

  2. Thanks so for the pics. You hit all the highlights. Just the booths I would have wanted to visit. So glad you had a wonderful time and what great beads you brought home. Have a great week.

  3. Thanks for sharing, but man oh man I'm jealous!

  4. Great photos.
    Can't believe 2 full days and I still managed to miss some booths ~ always happens.
    You got some great pieces.
    Isn't that Andrew such a cutie?!

  5. Visiting your site was the next best thing to visiting B&B! You picked out some lovely things!

  6. Fabulous Loot! The weather looked cooler than here..glad you had a great time!

  7. Hi Lorelei, i'm glad you had a great time & made it home safe & sound and the stash you brought home i can't wait to see what you create with all of it no doubt it will be abso fabu and i think i would be a freak too if i met some of my favs omg if i met Lisa from Beaducation i think i would faint and i saw Andrew at his booth i just love him and all of our blog friends auggg i really hope i can go next year!!
    ttfn L:)

  8. Betty S.6/13/2011

    Great travel/shopping log! Loved the loot and photos of your beading buddies.

  9. It was ever so delightful to see you! Wish we could have hung out more. We went out after the karaoke. I was dead on my feet and had a much needed rest last night! Miss you already! We'll have to grab food one of these days and sit down and talk without all the loud crazy music!

  10. Anonymous6/13/2011

    Oh that looks amazing!! I wish that at least for once in my lifetime get to go a bead show like Bead & Button! I'm sure you had a great time, thanks for posting the pics! :) Love the beads you got.


  11. I am so glad that you were able to make it out. Bead & Button is truly the best. I would highly recommend taking some classes next year. I wish that I had had enough energy to go out singing karaoke. That sounds like a blast! It was nice to eat dinner with you at the Safehouse. Count down to next year! Save your pennies! ;-)
    Enjoy the day!

  12. Really cool selections Lorelei! Thanks for the show pics. Nothing is keeping me away next year - not even the in-laws! : )

  13. You got some great stuff, can't wait to see what you make with everything!

  14. THanks for sharing these pics - looks like the most awesome weekend. I'm jealous, needless to say!

  15. Oh my gosh what a wonderful stash! Glad you had so much fun. It looks like a blast :)

  16. Glad you were able to make it to the show this year! It was so great to see you and hang out for a bit, wish we had more time to chat. LOVE everything you picked up... I'm finally going through all my art bead goodies now! See you next year :)

  17. Thanks for the post, its the next best thing to being there. Great beads, can't wait to see what you make with them. Love the Anne Choi skull charms. Will check her website. Have more fun!

  18. WOWEE, looks amazing ... how wonderful for you!!! :O)

  19. It was great to meet you. I have been having fun playing with my purchases and thinking of the wonderful show!

  20. I am digging that stash you brought back with you lady! So happy I got to meet you and sorry if I freaked you out by snatching you from the aisle! B&B gets crazy and I was just acting my part. Next year I am definitely staying longer than a day and looking forward to hanging with everyone! I am hopefully going to be posting my B&B stash tomorrow!

  21. p.s. glad to see you got one of those little acorns. that was the one thing on my list that I didn't get. damn!

  22. I am thinking that's what Heaven looks like! *FAINTS*

  23. wonderful post, looks like you had a wonderful time, wish we had something as awesome in the UK

  24. What fun! Hopefully some time I will be able to go.

  25. Lorelei, it was really cool to finally meet you! Wasn't that something, not even hesitating when we saw each other like we've known each other for so long. :-) You got some great shots of the art bead tables....that row was especially phenomenal. Sounds like you had a blast as well. Lots of memories to cherish (and new beads to hoard!). :-)

  26. Looks like an absolute dream! So glad you had a good time and got home safely. :)

  27. The Beaducation gang was totally excited to meet you, too! Sorry we didn't get to chat more between our song verses.

    Glad you made it home safe and sound. It IS hard to acclimate after all of that Bead Fun!

  28. Sounds like a whirlwind but absolutely fabulous time! I hope to be fortunate enough to get to go also at some point. I see you are taking some time off (much deserved I'm sure) Thanks for sharing pics of your treasures. They're drool-worthy!

  29. Gosh, I could only dream of such a beading extravaganza in Brisbane (Aus)...i've never seen anything like that here! Well done re your stash!


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