Chain of Events

Tuesday I bought more of these than I needed. Would someone please tell Jade Scott to stop making such pretty things?

I also splurged on these. Tell me you don't get butterflies just looking at these? I can't wait to feel them in my hands.

Because of this, THIS has run dry. I mean really dry. I mean, I- hope- I- don't- get- my- etsy- bill dry.

Without this, I can't buy these and my goodness, I NEEEEEEEEEED them like I need a hole in the head but tell me these don't make you squirm in your seat?

To get me some of these, I've decided to offer one of these. A great way to clear out a stocked shop, and to stock up on pretties so I can create  jaw dropping pretties with these stones.
Head on over to etsy,
shop shop shop and use
coupon code
to receive 20% off!

post script: Come back a little later today, I have a bead giveaway!


  1. Great post! Sounds all too familiar ... the "dry" part! LOL I think we could tell Jade to stop making beautiful things, but it won't work ... she's compelled!

  2. Oh yeah, it happens to me too. When I saw your Sweet Summer Song necklace I had to have one of those pendants. But June has been a tough month with mom being so ill, and I have not sold a thing.

    No money coming in means no money going out. It's very difficult to restrain myself. Yet I keep torturing myself by browsing these sites......oh the pain!

  3. Lol! I love all your new things w/pretty metal elements... well, i love all your things. and i certainly need supplies like i need a hole in the head. which i guess i might need, b/c i keep getting more! Aaargh!

  4. You are right that Jade Scott piece is beautiful.

  5. I know what you mean! I kept promising myself I would NOT order any beads until later this summer when I had saved some $$$. So what did I do yesterday???? You guessed it! What can I say??

  6. Awesome! I love your quick fire sales. I found a lovely ring that I can't wait to have on my finger :-) as I have said before, lorelei + round rabbit = extreme gorgeousness :-) x

  7. i missed jade's new stuff, which is good for my Visa. who made the second beads pictured?


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