Friday Favorites

And my favorite, Vicci Martinez, from The Voice, singing Dog Days are Over, by my new favorites, Florence and the Machine.


  1. Hi Lorelei, OMG!! she's been my fave since her very first audition she is going to take it all, the other night she Rocked it out, i mean come on she's in a league all her own. Hoot! Hoot! i must have that owl, it's so cute!
    take care ttfn Lana >^.^<

  2. Hi Lorelie - thank you so much for featuring my little elephant charms on your blog today - that has made my week!

  3. How sweet to wake up and see your post including one of my pendants along with many other pretty pieces, thank you Lorelei!

    And yes, Vicci rocked it! She so deserves to be in the finals.

  4. i have to also add that i really really love dia frampton too and will absolutely be buying her album as soon as she makes one. :)

  5. I think I have some new favorites - thank you Lorelei!

  6. Gracious! Thanks so much for sharing those picks!

  7. Hi Lorelei,
    Those elephant beads are so cute. I have been pulling for Vicci since the beginning and also Nikita to bad they were on the same team.

  8. Love seeing what other artists select as favorites!! I especially like the bezel pendant from Eva Thiessen.

    And-Dog Days has to be one of my fav songs now too!! :-))


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