Been trying to crank out as many things as I can this week for my ongoing sale. If you have any requests of what you might want to see land in the shop this week, leave a comment! I love suggestions, it helps me decide what I should actually work on- and is especially nice when I know that certain things are wanted.

I have also been making some things with Pam Wynn and Heather Wynn Millican polymer beads to have on display on their table this weekend for Bead & Button. It's been fun working with their beautiful beads. I'll put up a photo collage later this week. I hope to get some more of these pretties at the show. It will be the first time I've been in front of their table, I bet it's really gorgeous. I'll get some video of some of the vendors too for the blog.

I should probably make a list of things that I absolutely need to get while I am there. It's good to have a plan right? I have tried this in the past though at Bead Fest, and it's impossible to adhere to. I get so distracted and am easily overwhelmed by the tables and tables of beads.
Hopefully Heather will have a plan. I am meeting up with Heather of Peacock Fairy on Saturday and hopefully I'll be able to follow her around while shopping. It's always more fun with a buddy. I also hope to get a glimpse of that chubby-cheeked baby of hers.


  1. Can't wait buddy! Most everyone's tables are in the same spots every year, so I'll be able to show you all around! Oh, and I found out strollers are allowed in the marketplace although I am not sure how easy that will be. Some isles/tables get so busy. I'll have to play that by ear. :-)

  2. It'll be great to see you both! And strollers are excellent ways of carrying more than just your baby! You can stash your beads there too!

    And sadly, Heather Wynn Millican won't be there at the table this year. Her mama will be though! I can't wait to see what you've made for them!

  3. I have a number of your bracelets, but have been keeping my eyes open for a necklace - rather than blues/greens, perhaps something with pinks and purples?

  4. I am an earring freak.I Love Love Love your earrings. Any of your color combos is fine. Have fun in Milwaukee

  5. I think you should raid your stash of lampwork beads. I can hear them from those bottom drawers all the way from here, saying "Pick me! Use me! I'm scared of the dark! Hello, anyone out there?" :)

  6. swopemelmel6/08/2011

    I had my eye on that "Honey Honey" bracelet and when I sat down later to purchase it it was GONE!!! I was so disappointed, that's my favorite ABBA song. I loved the fringy style of it and the colors. Those beads were awesome. If someone backs out on that let me know. I also love your work that includes Humblebeads and Kylie Perry pendants. I was all set to make a Humblebeads order and she was closed. I guess it was not a good ETSY day for me. Wah!!!

  7. Anonymous6/08/2011

    Hi Lorelei,

    I would LOVE to have a necklace with the owl that you used in the 'Sittin Pretty' bracelet -- sold on 5/23. (Don't know if you have any more of that one?). Something colorful and fun.

    ~ Jodi

  8. Yes, a list. I've been jotting things down the past few weeks when I think of something. Sooo glad I did that. Will put it all together this afternoon.
    Will stop at the Wynn booth for sure.


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