Tute for Tuesday

I have this new goal to do more tutorials, like once a week, on Tuesdays. Here's the first one! I hope you enjoy it!

1 Ceramic Lock- Diane Hawkey
1 Skeleton Key- Ornamentea
1 Ceramic Round Link- Round Rabbit Extra
5 Drilled Beach stone Links- Stone Studios Too
5 Lapis tube beads- Similar: LimaBeads
11 inches of Blue Patina twisted bar chain- MissFickleMedia
11 inches of Vintage Disc chain- One Piece at a Time
10 inches Brass 20g wire- Patina Queen
1 Brass 15mm split jump ring- All jump rings from Vintaj Brass Co.
2  Brass 10mm split jump rings
13 Brass 7.25mm split jump rings
3 Brass 4.75mm split jump rings
10 Gunmetal 4mm metal rounds- Fusion Beads

1 Brass Shepherd's hook clasp- Vintaj Brass Co.

1. Attach a 7.25mm jump ring to the lock pendant, and to the skeleton key. Attach both of these to the 15mm jump ring.
2. At one end of the disc chain and the bar chain, attach 2 4.75mm jump rings. Using one more 4.75mm jump ring, attach both ends of chain and attach this to the 15mm jump ring.
3. On the opposite end of chain, attach a 7.25mm jump ring. Attach a 10mm jump ring to one hole of the ceramic Round link, and slide on the jump ring with the chain.
4.Attach a 7.25mm jump ring to the other hole in the ceramic link.
5. Cut 5 pieces of wire, each 2 inches long. Form a simple loop at one end, string 1 metal 4mm round, 1 lapis tube, 1 metal 4mm round. Form a wrapped loop. Repeat this step for all 5 lapis tubes.
6. Attach one of the lapis tubes to the 7.25mm jump ring on the ceramic round link. Start forming the chain by attaching a 7.25mm jump ring, 1 double drilled stone, 1 lapis link. Repeat, alternating lapis tubes and drilled stones. On the last drilled stone, attach a 10mm jump ring and the shepherd's hook clasp. The clasp will attach to the ring with the lock and key.

If you have no interest in making this necklace and you'd rather buy it, it's now available in my Etsy store!
 no longer available, sorry!


  1. Love the tutorial. Years ago when we were all painting rusted saws (remember that?) I saw a sign in a gift shop. "We know you can make it. But, will you?" This made me think of that. Gorgeous necklace.


  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I love all the colors and textures of this piece! And you just pointed me to a supplier I had never seen before (One Piece at a Time). Thanks!!

  3. Very pretty necklace, and easy to make. Thank you for the tutorial and the material list with the places to purchase said materials.

  4. I'd love it if you'd discuss some of your design decisions, such as your starting point, colors, shapes, etc.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial. I love the way you use so many different elements in your designs and it all comes together beautifully. You always give me ideas on how to use materials I would not ordinarily use. I wish I had your design skill!

  6. Beautiful! I love it. Not surprised it's sold! x

  7. cool idea! i will look forward to tuesdays!!!

  8. Good work on the tutorial idea! I'm so glad to have some inspiration for 2 ceramic links that never "went" with anything. You have given me a new start!

  9. Love the colors and the pieces.They are so beautiful in varied hues and designs.The lock and key is very nice indeed....it is an age old fancy now in a more innovative and newer form.


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