Friday Favorites: Jewelry Edition

I'm not just a bead junkie. I love buying jewelry for my own collection, too! Here are some of my favorites this week!








  1. Dinas made such an awesome key looking locket! They are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing Lorelei.

  2. I found a bunch of favorites for myself, thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow, L-O-V-E LOVE the 6shadows bracelet!!!

  4. Hi Lorelei, i havn't blogged for almost a week and it seem like hi there :). I love your selection of faves & i want to start a collection of pieces from all of my blog friends, as soon as funds are not all tied up in festivals,it will be so hard to pick one of your abso fabu creations because i want them all!!! i hope your keeping cool,here in Windsor was the hottest spot in the country yesterday with the temp topping out at 39deg.C with the humidex i think they said it felt like 50degC thats a 122degF all i know is when i got the mail when i opened the door felt like i opened a hot oven LOL stay cool my dear
    ttfn Lana :)

  5. I love the silver/copper bracelet with all the rivets. Amazing.

  6. That is so generous of you to support other artists that way - by promoting their work. YOu truly are an artist's artist and the pieces you selected are so cool.

  7. you are the sweetest :)
    the sterling hope earrings and riveted copper window bracelet~oh my!!~ so much workmanship involved. LOVE them all!


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