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I recently acquired some new banners from a couple of awesomely talented Etsy sellers. First I picked this one for my jewelry shop. Sara created this banner from one of her premade banner sets ($30) in her store, Oh Me Oh My Design. I love its sweet color palette, and the little details. I think it's cute for the Summer.

Now I'm trying to decide if I should get Sara to make me some buttons and a banner for my blog too, but in a different theme. I change things so much, I just don't know if I should. I do like the idea of the buttons though so maybe at least I could do that. We'll see. I have to sleep on it.

Then I found another seller, 1sweetOrange, whose shop is chock full of the cutest vintage themed banners. I picked one out but it was reserved. And the cool thing about this shop is, the seller offers for you to pay an extra $10 for an exclusive design which means if you buy the one that's listed and you don't want someone else to have it, you can pay for it to be all yours and only yours. I didn't take them up on this offer only because this is just going to be for my DeStash shop which isn't a shop I regularly maintain. But I think it's a great idea.

Anyhoo, I thought I would share these with you today in case you were wanting to freshen up your storefronts. I hope you have a chance to look at their shops.


  1. Thanks for sharing - both shops look really great! I've just invested in my first banner set but another time I would definitely consider these.

  2. Hi Lorelei, i meant to say something about your banner the other day and i forgot. I think it is so cute & i especially love the funky printing.... it's just so you. Have i been living under a rock i had no idea you had a Destash Shop i am going to check that out for sure & after i do a few festivals this summer i would love to have one of your creations in my collection, funds are so tight during festival season & i am feaking out right now i have a festival next weekend and supplies i had ordered weeks before the strike still have not come in, apparently stuck at customs.
    take care & have a wonderful weekend ttfn Lana :)

  3. love them both! thank you for sharing :)


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