No tutes I'm afraid

Sorry guys, I don't have a tute for today. Last night I was feverishly working on a magazine submission for a friday deadline! And I was fighting against time and trying to take photos before it got too dark. I made it by the skin of my teeth.

This morning I put together this sweet and summery bracelet with one of Golem studios Ladybug rounds, and a Jade Scott charm. I am all inspired to make bracelets after yesterday's release of the Everyday Bracelets eMag.

Next time you order from Golem Studios, be sure to watch this. I have mega respect for this dynamic duo knowing that they hand-paint every one of their beads. It's pretty amazing.


  1. Hi Lorelei, what a yummy bracelet, looks like a string of sweet candy, no worries about the tutes we will be here next Tues. and the Tues after.................
    take care and have a wonderful day ttfn Lana

  2. I really like the bracelet the reds all go together perfectly. I love that ceramic bead Golem studios do such pretty beads.

  3. What a WOW bracelet!


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