Bead Fest Shopping List

 Ceramic Rounds: Keith O'Connor; Bottle Cap bead: Glass Garden Beads; Glass melons, Jobs Tears, Matte black glass rounds, metal spacers; Lampwork glass bead: Jewlies Beads; Purple lampwork headpin: Gardanne Beads; lobster clasp: AD Adornments

We'll see how well I can stick to the list, HA! You can definitely bet I'll be at the following booths this weekend at Bead Fest:

Green Girl Studios, Booth #32: All things Fall- leaves, acorn pendant, Squirrel bead, Jumping rabbit, toggles, leaf connectors and bead caps

Looking for Leather cording and printed ribbons

Barbara Lewis, Booth #828: Enameled beads and her new book, Painting with Fire

Earthenwood Studio, Booth #913: Bird pendants

Diane Hawkey, Booth #911: leaves, birds, branches, word beads

Ezel Findings, Booth #312: leaf findings, acorns and, all things Fall!

My Elements, Booth #431, 433: Rubber O Rings, and Pixies- need to stock up!

Keith O'Connor, will be seen at the Bead Goes On Booth , and the Kazuri Beads Booth: Ceramic beads!

Lisa Kan, Booth #213: Definitely want to pick up a few of her lampworked flower beads

Looking for chunky faceted stones

Hands of the Hills, Booth #113, #212: Metal beads, and ancient glass

Lilly Pilly Designs, Booth #429, 528: Etched shell pendants

Metalliferous, Booth #841 and 940: Patterned brass,  and patina

Ornamentea, Booth #932: Elaine Ray ceramic beads! and other ribbons/findings

Primitive Earth Beads, Booth #428, 430:  Gotta stock on their chain!

Talisman Associates, Booth # 118, 120: Stones stones stones

Vintage Meadow Artworks, Booth #541 and 640: Hand dyed Lucite flowers

Z Designs in Glass, Booth #929: Lampwork glass from Joanne Zekowski

I'm sure there will be more stops made and of course I have to stop to see all of my peeps from Soft Flex, Beaducation,  D7 Studio,  and more. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited.


  1. So jealous, I really wanted to get to one of the big bead shows this year but it just didn't happen!! But I do get to take a class with Barbara Lewis class in Portland so that makes up for it! Have fun, can't wait to see what you pick up!

  2. Little bit jealous to - no such thing like bead fest here:-(

  3. Soooo jealous! One day, I will be stinking rich and be able to come over to the US for one of your massive bead show. One day...! Have an awesome time.

  4. Normally I'm not one to want to fast forward through time, but I would love to get through today and tomorrow so that the fun can begin!

  5. oh so jealous!! My husband promises that I can go next year when were more stable. But I hope you have fun!

  6. Whew, what a list! I hope you remember to bring comfortable shoes for this event. I'm a bit jealous as there are never great bead shows like that here, and for now, my budget is just too small to travel to one. Someday.....

    I can't wait to drool over all the loot you bring back. Enjoy!

  7. It's like being a kid in a candy store - isn't it?! Can't wait to see all your great finds! Have fun!

  8. I will be following you.

  9. Whoa that means some serious cash! I would be going to all them too! And bring lots of cash! Have a Super duper time Lori!!

  10. Y'know...we might have more frequent shows out here on the West Coast, but I think you have a higher concentration of great artists to choose from at your shows. I'm jealous as always!

    Lovin' the necklace by the way...the color scheme and balance are spot on!

  11. Can I add my name to list of list of the jealous?! I think I just did.
    Have a fab time and don't forget to show off all the treasures when you get back.
    Take LOTS of pictures too!! please :D

  12. I love bead shows! I wish I was coming. I am also interested in the history of different types of beads.


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