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I recently signed up to do the Harvest Festival in Sharon Springs, NY in September! I had been thinking about doing it for awhile and then the pieces of the puzzle fell together and I took the plunge and reserved my spot. Here's the problem. I don't have a tent.  So I have to shell out some cash to get one. And I've never done an outdoor show. So as you can imagine, I have been obsessing about how to set up my booth.  I spent the morning scouring Flickr for some booth set ups. I found some really nice booths and thought I would share!

Whimsy House TCC Booth (7) Necklace Display
whimsy house
I love the use of old spools of thread, that is so sweet!

KShonk Jewelry
Kshonk Jewelry
I love the hinged doors  and shelving. This is really cool, I haven't seen anything like it!

love the teal and brown , and wood box set up. visually appealing!

Display 5/1/10
Kathryn Reichert Jewelry

At gallery north
Lio & Linn
there is that teal and brown again! so pretty! this set up is gorgeous!

Squishy Sushi Craft Booth Rock Make Festival '08
Squishy Sushi
I love the burlap table coverings

Another view...
This is a nice tent, isn't it! Not typical, and really eye-catching.

If you have booth pictures that you'd like to share, leave me links in the comments! I would love to see more, and get more inspiration.

Be sure to come on back to the blog around 2:30 when I annouce the winner of the
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  1. I love seeing how people set up their booths - thanks for searching these out and sharing them!

  2. Hello Lorelei. Today i show my booth from last bead arf fair in hamburg germany. take a look. it very simple and cheap ;-. you can find it at ikea,the supermarket ant the forest. tell me what you think.

    greetings from germany


  3. Thanks for posting this. The last tent is lovely, put would hold up very poorly in a storm. They are happening more often than not this season. If you plan to sell at shows in the future, Your booths durability makes all of the difference in the world.

  4. The wind here in Kansas never stops. Several times I had pieces blow off the tables, the tent sides blowing in knocking things around, and a couple times entire tables blew over. Sooooo, if you have wind issues be sure to figure out a way to keep everything secure.

    I love to see how other booths are set up. The spool necklace holder and the hinged door with shelving are great ideas! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  5. My friend and I will be sharing a booth in October - our first "market day" ever. I am very excited and very nervous :) This post is just coming at the right time as we have not yet thought about the set-up. Urghh, so many things to think about!

    Bead Soup Mix

  6. Hi Lorelei, that's right up my ally and i purchaced a new tent for this season and have some great pics of my setup.....i'll pass them along & thnaks fpr sharing your pics!
    ttfn Lana :)

  7. Thanks for including my tent set-up! I get alot of nice comments on my tent since it's not the standard white art show style. I think it's a bit classier, if I should say so myself :-).

    It's been a great tent through wind and rain. It has endured 35+ mph wind gusts, rain and heat. For my weights on pavement we made the cement in PVC tube weights that tie to each corner. When I'm on grass we tie rope to small pieces of rebar and hubby sledge hammers them into the dirt.

    It's all worked out well for me! Best of luck and I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  8. Oh! I've been doing shows for a while but I still struggle with how I want my tent to look. It seems that the more I try to streamline and consdolidate how much stuff I have, it actually multiplies. Lol.

  9. For minimalist booths, I like Margaret Solow and Sarah McGuire. They both have booth images on FB. These are indoor/trade show booths, but would translate well for outdoors.

    I'm also a big fan of architectural salvage for displays - always different and interesting. Maybe, sawhorses with something cool for a top? Bed,Bath & Beyond and Target have had some good options for tables and displays and like Pascal was saying, if you have access to Ikea, they've got tons of good inexpensive stuff.

  10. When selecting fabrics for your display, I think it's good to get A) one that's not special care and can be thrown in the washer B) one that is non-wrinkle or has a wrinkle built in C) that is soft enough to use as a cushion for your other display items, but sturdy enough not to be constantly blowing around D) one that is thick enough to hide the stuff going on down under the table. We generally layer fabrics to help with this as well and tape everything down so no one trips. I imagine this is helpful if it's windy too. Though you could easily make a fitted "slip-cover" for your table that would be posh and not blow all around.

    I think another thing to consider is to "think light and sturdy". And use pieces that can act as storage and protective for more fragile display items. Old traveling cases are great for that, because they add height and can be stacked and configured, are heavy enough that they won't blow away and can be used to house fragile things when you're transporting them back home.

    Good luck! And thanks for sharing all the pictures! It has given me some ideas of how I want to do up the store. Beth from HINT also did a post on jewelry displays from the gift show and I recommend you check it out, as some of the ideas were particularly clever.

  11. Wow, Great set ups for sure. I don't have a tent either. Maybe you could borrow one? If you come to my blog today you can see a nice set up too from Skye Jewels.

  12. Hi Lorelei, I'm still tweaking my outside booth. Here's a link to a blogpost of mine about the research I did on tent weights to help keep your tent from flying off to OZ.

    There's also a picture of my tent, but it has changed since this picture. I keep finding 'lighter' displays.

    I hope this is helpful. Have fun with your event.


  13. You found some great set ups!

  14. Thanks for sharing my booth! Great finds... Getting ready for a few big shows myself and I always love to switch things up - great ideas here. And thanks to Kris from Cherish Designs for letting me know she spotted this post :)


  15. I saw a booth this summer that had what appeared to be a long row of old books for sale, flanked by stacks of books. They were actually just interesting places to lay and hang jewelry. I talked with the booth owner, and she said all of the books were hollowed out, which cut down on weight and also gave her a place to store things! The stacked books on the ends were stair-stepped to provide narrow display surfaces. I thought it was a cool idea, and it was different from everything else I saw there.

  16. Here's a photo from a show I did in the spring. However, it's a constantly morphing thing -- tweak a little here, move a table there, try to keep the photos at the back from looking quite so wonky (dang it!)...I've got a show this weekend, and I'm sure the final setup will look different from this, yet again.

    One thing that hasn't changed in years is my earring display -- for once, I hit on an idea that works really well, is unique, and is easy(ish) to transport.

  17. These are great set ups. Love those spools as hooks on the shelving! I haven't done an outdoor show where I needed a tent. It has always seemed a bit daunting t me. You are a great stylist so I'm betting that you are going to put together a really awesome display.

  18. That double topped tent will save you some grief in wind and rain ( solid roof types will build up more water in rain and take off in wind )and you might want to get something with optional side walls.

    No jewelry experience but lots of tent experience setting up for school events.

  19. Good luck at the show! Take lots of photos so we can all be talking about how great your display is next....

  20. Anonymous8/25/2011

    Have fun at the show! It is always an adventure... but such a great learning opportunity! It was crazy, I saw Molly's display from Whimsy House in your photos and recognized it right away! We both had booths at The Creative Connection last year and I recognized her style and display right away! Now that really says something for impressions of a display! Have an amazing show! Kris Binsfeld

  21. You can pick up a tent fairly easily if you keep an eye on your local stores. Especially coming up on the end of summer they'll be having sales on dining tents. Just watch for the ones with removable sides and easy set up. You can use anything for tables and displays, as long as you invest in some nice long table clothes to hide it and catch the eye of the passer by. Here is an idea I love and mean to do for myself if I get the chance. Not only is it a nice display for the show, but it's easy travel and home storage!

  22. Anonymous1/21/2013

    Great post! I'm trying to brainstorm jewelry display/booth ideas and this post was very helpful and inspiring, Thank you.

  23. loved this post I've been struggling with ideas on a strict budget. :)


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