Laurel Moon Jewelry Giveaway

Lauren Moon Jewelry is giving away a boatload of Earthenwood studio beads. I sincerely hope I win because these are so super uber cool and I would really dig having them.
Especially that awesome bumpy teardop shaped pendant at the top right. WOW.
You may want to enter, but if you'd rather I win, then just sit back and relax and cross your fingers and toes. I'm just kidding, go ahead. Enter. It's fine. I won't mind. I promise.


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning this giveaway! I really appreciate it! :)

    And the bumpy teardrop pendant is called a "yumdrop." I remember giggling when Melanie first told me that.

  2. Wow! Just look at that all that texture! Thanks for sharing! (I have to say though, I kinda hope you win too - I love seeing what you whip up with fancy beads... if they were mine they'd probably sit in my stash way too long. ;-)

  3. love them! Pick me! Pick me!

  4. swopemelmel8/30/2011

    Maybe if a TRUE Lorelei fan wins they will send it to you !!!! Mel

  5. Nice beads! I like the faces, the turquoise melon beads, the flowers... I like them all!
    Good luck... everyone!

  6. The more I stare at each bead the more I love them!!

  7. The more I look at these beads, the more I love them!!


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