I am back! What a whirlwind weekend. I knew it would like that. It always goes by so fast. The anticipation leading up to this BeadFest weekend was enough to make me crazy, I can imagine, you too! Ya'all are probably glad I am not talking about it anymore. BUT. I have to. Because I have to tell you about all the fun.

Nancy and I headed out first thing Friday morning. On the way, in a spur of the moment hunger-induced sharp right turn landed us at the coolest diner on the planet.  We enjoyed our breakfast and continued on our way. But while there, we each got some cool Instagram/ Hipstamatic shots wiith our iPhones.

Traveling to Philly was easy peasy- sunny skies, perfect weather and no stressful traffic. We dropped off our bags and hit the shuttle to the bead show immediately on arriving.  Here's where I have to apologize. For some reason, I did not connect with my camera too much this weekend. That makes me a bad blogger I know. I promised you photos and videos and I can say that the bling had me quite distracted, and so. Not many pics.  But I do have a few to share. Just a couple. And lots of bead pics will make up for it, I promise you.

 We met up with Lisa at the show. Headed back to the hotel and enjoyed some drinks with Richard Salley, Robert Dancik, and Melissa Cable. Erin and her mother-in-law Nancy arrived and came over to eat with us! It was great to meet up with Erin again, hadn't seen her a while! Friday night we picked up Kelley from the airport, and only had to endure some scary thunderstorms, and stopped traffic due to a tanker that spilled some hazardous material over 4 lanes of I 95.  Saturday was an all day shopping day. There were lots of hugs, and hellos to all of our favorite friends and vendors.  I took along my list and did very well at getting what was on the list but somehow a few extras landed in my shopping bag.

Elaine Ray beads at the Ornamentea booth

Saturday, at 4 we met up with all the bead swappers. My partner was Marsha Minutella of Marsha Neal Studios. She's always such a blast to be around, so happy and full of life. I just love her! I brought her some goodies from Jade Scott, Lynn Davis, Guy Melamed, SwoonDimples, and a resin filled connector that I made, and she gave me these beauties:

Then we went out and met up with my friend Beth Anderson, for drinks. I was so happy to be able to catch up with her, since I only get to see her about once a year! :(  Then we all met up for dinner at Legal Sea Foods in the King of Prussia mall. Dinner was fantastic!

Sunday we had breakfast, said our good-byes to Kelley, Erin and Lisa, and then headed back over the bead show. We had a couple of hours and bought a few more things. Had lunch and then got on the road. The ride home was challenging to say the least. Let's just say, we left at 2:30 and didn't get home til 10:30pm and I was the biggest ball of nerves ever. Poor Nancy- she kept a smile the entire trip- even through my temper tantrums and prayers to God for it to stop raining.  Ok enough of all that....

the beads. here you go!

 Top Left: My Elements
Top Right: Vintage buttons from Annie Frazier
Bottom Left: Earthenwood Studio
Bottom Right: Diane Hawkey

 Top Left: Barbara Lewis
Top Right: Lipstick Ranch
Bottom Left: Lilly Pilly Designs
Bottom Right: Earth Door Sky Door

 Top Left: C Koop Beads
Top right: April Melody
Bottom Left and Right: chain and watches: Primitive Earth Beads

 Top left: Bead Biz
Top right: Lisa Kan
Bottom Left: Bead Haven

 Top Left: Dakota Stones
Top right and Bottom Left: Elaine Ray from Ornamentea
Bottom right: 2 Brand New books from Heather Powers and Barbara Lewis

Top Left:  Marsha Neal Studio
Top Right: Veni Vidi bead
Bottom Left: Green Girl Studios
Bottom right: (does this not look like an owl or what!?) Shoot I can't find the receipt to give you the vendor! sorry!


  1. Great seeing you...glad you had fun at the show!

  2. Oh my you did come away with a lot of loot, Lorelei, it looked like you all had a wonderful time, and glad you made it back some safely. That was my first thought when I saw the stone pendant that it looks like an owl.

  3. You seem to have collected a lot of great beads and findings. Good work! I always forget to take photos and video at shows too. Being that so much of my life is trapped behind a computer. It is a good chance to just be a person with no technology attached. Face-to-face always feels really nice.

  4. Very cool! I just picked up one of those owl pocket watches too!

  5. Thank you for braving the hazmat spill, nasty traffic and late hours to come pick me up Friday night. You are so wonderful! I wish I had felt better and been able to hang out with you more. I'm drooling over your loot!

  6. Looks like a blast, and great beads!

  7. drooling! awesome haul!

  8. Major drool happening here - let the beading begin!

  9. Awesome loot! Was so much fun getting to meet you and goof around at dinner!

  10. What gorgeous loot! Looks and sounds like you all had a terrific time.

  11. Anonymous8/22/2011

    Lovely loot! And the last one does indeed look like an owl. A very cute one.

  12. Betty S.8/22/2011

    Thanks for laying it all out so carefully. It's really great to see what all the various vendors have and to see the tremendous variety available. Fantastic beads! All very much you.


  13. Looks like a good time was had by all!

  14. I bought that exact same owl pocket watch at the Santa Fe show. Even when I was buying it, I was thinking it was perfect for you!

  15. OMG - What incredible bead loot! I am so envious!!

  16. What a great haul. I can't wait to see all the pretties you make with them.

  17. And that was sticking to the list, eh? What a list you must have had. This haul is so fabulous. I'm green with patina or envy. Can't wait to see what you do with all of them.

  18. So much great stuff -- I am GREEN with envy!!!

  19. Boy, look at that loot! It was great meeting you!

  20. Anonymous8/22/2011

    Excellent lot of loot! And the owl stone...way cool! Looks like you had a blast!

  21. Amazing! And the photos kept on coming! You now know why you have such a great following.

  22. I was looking for this post! Great great loot! Thats wonderful all that fun. Im so glad you showed us everything and all!

  23. Hi Lorelei, glad your home safe & sound and had so much fun and omg waht a stash i'll be keeping posted to see all of the amazing creations you make with you loot!!
    take care ttfn Lana :)

  24. Anonymous8/23/2011

    I am so envious!!! I hope I can go next year for sure!! Love your loot! Would love to hear how it compares to the Bead and Button Show! Larger, similar??? how it is different! Thanks, love your work!

    Kris Lanae Binsfeld

  25. Love all those fall colors and earthy ceramic beads. And yeah that my book was one of your must haves from Bead Fest!!!

  26. I can't believe you ran into so much rain on the way home. I hit a couple of downpours, I can imagine how stressful that would be over a long period of time. I'm not going to tell you when I got home because it will make you mad.
    So wonderful to meet everyone. I was bad about pictures too, it's hard with so many wonderful distractions.
    Hope to see you soon.

  27. Dang, girl...you did some SERIOUS damage!

  28. Wow, I'm so in awe and envy over this fab stash! I am in total agreement, that really looks like an owl in the last pic.
    Thanks so much for helping us see what different vendors have to offer. It also really helps when you talk about them, it makes me want to purchase from them more, because I feel like I know them a bit. Totally beautiful haul!


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