Lost our minds

Joe and I have been fantasizing about getting a dog. Not just a dog, a puppy. Not just any puppy, an expensive full breed puppy. There are the three breeds we like most:


French Bulldog

Boston Terrier

Ok, talk some sense into us!! We totally know that the negatives list outweighs the positives list and
not to mention these
two main reasons:

we have a cranky cat

and we like to travel

But we also know that the work that a dog or puppy takes will be overwhelming.
But look at those faces! they are so cute, and we both LOVE dogs.
and we love the Dog Whisperer.
And we watch all those damn shows on TV about different breeds of dogs, AND
the Eukaneuba Kennel Club dog shows or whatever they are.

are we crazy??
is this just happening because I want a baby
and will substitute this need with a puppy??