Quickie Monday

Just really quick,  I bought these from the talented MissFickleMedia today.... I chose one for bracelets and one for necklaces. These will be a great addition to the woodsy props I already have! I am excited to get them. I have admired them for a while.

Tonight I made earrings for the show. Lots of earrings.  Next up on the docket, more TIN.


  1. Love the displays. What a great idea.

  2. Those jewelry things that Shannon's parents make are fantastic. Do I see sakura? You are on a roll with the earings!

  3. Good gravy, woman! You are prolific!

  4. Of course! They are soooo nice! And perfect for you! (how could you even think of black velvet?) Still like the coffee bean idea also. And the Antropologie design boards.

    Looking forward to see when it has all come together! It will be smashing and very inspiring. Good luck with it all.

    Yummie yummie earrings!

    had an idea for the coffee beans in regards to the oilyness some people has mentioned. Is it possible to mainly use some other beans, that looks similar to the coffee beans, like maybe black beans for instanse. And then just place out a few coffee ones here and there in between the pieces, or in the corners of the tray. I am just such a sucker for the look, and the smell idea. I would by your whole display and all your pieces, and you too even ... or ... hang on ... no, now I got carried away I think ... that last bit I mean ...

  5. you're gonna love them. They are gorgeous!

  6. beautiful! It is all beautiful. I love the displays..

  7. Oh, those displays rock! Adore the earrings, and that beat up board they're laying on. I'm a sucker for beat up wood! :)

  8. Great earrings & displays. I live on Lake Michigan so I've been thinking for a while I should get some drift wood & ask my Dad (he's the family handyman)to help me make something similar. My parents are antique collectors as well - my mom finds the coolest stuff. Do you use sheets of antique tin or literally take apart old tin containers?

  9. Those displays are beautiful, Lorelei-good purchase! The earrings you've designed are also quite lovely- good luck on the show!


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