Seahorse up for Adoption

 Seahorse is playful and makes quite a good companion. She will stay her flowery self and will compliment almost any outfit. She's got attitude and will likely turn heads. Seahorse won't let you down, and won't throw you under any buses. She'll maintain her loyalty to only you and will not stray towards friends or coworkers.

 Very little maintenance is needed with Seahorse. She's very easy going and won't cause a ruckus or cuss in front of your family. She's very comfortable in her atmosphere and it is advised that she stay with her coordinating beads or you may have an upset seahorse on your hands.

Although she was quite attached to me, I convinced Seahorse that this is adoption process will make her very happy. She'll be sent via First class mail in a beautiful stamped gift boxed, ready for anything. or anyone.