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If there is anything in the shop that you have had your eye on, you might want to snag it today. All of my jewelry is being boxed up tomorrow and heading to the museum for a Midsummer's Night Trunk show. I can't promise that your favorites will come back to etsy after that.  I will be closing the store tomorrow and reopening it this weekend probably saturday morning/afternoon.

Then starting Monday Aug 15th, I will be offering a sale for the Countdown to BeadFest, Philadephia! Come back to the blog for more info on Monday.

So, let's talk about the Shadow boxes. Has everyone received their C Koop shadowbox that I sent out a few weeks ago? Please leave comments here.  Are you all working on your projects yet for the challenge? The reveal date is Aug. 27th.

I'm still trying to think of what I will do with mine. I have some vague ideas but haven't really had a chance to sit down and do anything yet. I have that pretty teal one from the bottom right of this photo.

I hope you all are thinking "outside the box",  hehehehe :)


  1. Ohh, it arrive a few days ago, and I'm a very bad person to not have wrote you that. My sincere apologies, but as a little accuse - I got caught up in life. So sorry! And I wanna thank you for the great box. I admire it! And I think I might have an idea how to present it properly! Can't wait to see what the others are doing!

  2. Hi Lorelei! That necklace is sooo pretty! Wishing you a successful weekend

    Yes box, it has arrived, hehehe. And I have made something already. But honestly, I have some other ideas I wanna try out too. So I might do just that, sort of eager to see what it would look like. The current design is easy to de-assemble, so I would just have to make sure I have good photos of it first.

    Anyway, I wouldn't mind at all to have quite a few more of those boxes. In all sorts of colors. It is not like I lack ideas for what I could do with them ...

    Sara, please make more of them, so I can purchase a bunch!

  3. I did get it, and am percolating ideas!! And love the necklace!

  4. Yes, the box arrived very promptly! Thank you.

    The lavender has stumped me a bit, so I have been pouring over the bead boxes I have unearthed and have been trying to come up with some interesting color combinations.

    Thanks for the reminder and the kick in the pants!


  5. Got it. Lots of fun! Thanks.

  6. Congrats on the trunk show at the museum-that is so awesome! You work is gorgeous! I too am headed to Bead Fest-it is my favorite show of the year. A bit disappointed that they had to change venues though. Hopefully the construction will be finished in time for Wire Fest in April.

  7. I received mine, but haven't done anything with it yet. I tend to procrastinate so I wasn't going to start mine until I get back from Beadfest (guilty look). I might find something really cool that I want to use with it while in Philly!

  8. I've received mine too! Thank you-thank you! :D
    So far I've been looking at it and putting beads next to it ...

  9. Boo!! Hi Lorelei, i miss you so much!! things are slowing down and i should be back to a somewhat normal pace soon. Good luck this weekend i am sure you will do Great!!! I can't wait to catch up on all the post's i have missed ttyl Lana :)

  10. My little yellow box at top right of the photo is waiting patiently on a shelf while I try to figure out what she will become!

  11. The necklace is just gorgeous. Love the colors and how you connected those button-like beads. So imaginative!

    Got my box a few weeks ago! Still debating on my final design, and whether I should make a necklace or bracelet!

  12. as you know, mine got here in the 1st week of august and i made something the DAY it arrived. i cannot wait to show it off!


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