Thank you Mr. Postman

 It was a great mail day today! First of all my little Serena Smith glass flowers finally arrived. I thought for sure they had been lost somewhere between here and Oregon. But they arrived and they are just so stunning! The picture makes them look big but they are delicate (only 13-14mm) and precious!

Next up, these lovelies from Magdalena Ruiz- one of the masters of stringer work! The colors are delish. These will be used sparingly like, one bead per design. Gotta make em last!

I have never order Sari Silk before- I know, go figure right!? I just got done writing a book with Erin all about jewelry with ribbons and cordings- but I haven't used it myself yet. So I found Lisa's shop, Jmozart
and got a bit of a sampler. The colors are gorgeous, and the photos do not do them justice!

And then I ordered these pretty lucite beads today from Sweet Findings- I love the colors and the stripes!
They have 1 more set of 6 left, better snag em if you can!

What did the postman bring you lately??


  1. Lovely! I headed for those sweet vintage sriped bead in the last photo.

    I feel like Charlie Brown when he says 'I got a rock'. The postman brought only bills today.....

    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. I just had to come back and say I'm a little disappointed that some of her stuff that is labled vintage was made the year before I graduated from high school----ugh, am I ever feeling old! I managed to snag a few goodies, thanks to you.

  3. I'll beinterested to see what you make too. I just received my first few pieces of sari silk. I am such a conservative kind of person (have touble making asymetrical designs too) so it is just sitting here on my desk mocking me - lol.

  4. Oh, your postman is very nice indeed! I love the sari silk ribbons and have boxes of it. One day I'll get around to using it. I promise!

    My postman has been bringing me lots of goodies too. Sadly not for myself, but happily for the store! Lots of cool filigree and vintage components and relics from the Far East. He has also been bringing me lots of artwork for the show going up in the gallery.

  5. This week the postman brought me some findings and other little goodies, but my favs are a couple of pendants from Etsy seller rakumancy, and a lampwork ring and spirals from redsidedesigns. I didn't get anything today, but any day now I'll receive a beautiful porcelain butterfly pendant from brand new Etsy seller PBox - I was her first sale! It's coming from England, so it may take a few more days, but I am sooooooooo excited!

  6. I got only bills today but I enjoyed looking at your lovelies!!
    DId order some great stuff online today though!!

  7. Glad your package arrived! My bead soup blog partner is still waiting for hers :(

    Oooo love the beads and silk you got!

    If you like Magdalena, you might also love Dora Schubert's work
    I love jmozart! I also love She re-stocks the silks regularly and has wonderful color combos!
    There is also Sowzere

    xo Genea

  8. I'm a huge fan of Serena's flowers - I have a whole collection of her pansies that I am hoarding probably until the end of time.

    That set you got from Magdalena Ruiz is AMAZING. Awesome colors and graphic details. I don't blame you for parceling them out one at a time.

    Are you anywhere in the threat area from the hurricane? Be safe!

  9. My poly binder free glue came today - good for attaching metal to my polymer clay beads. I know - sounds boring. However, the real story behind it is I had purchased two bad batches from stores. Someone told me to report that to the maker (Lisa Pavelka). I emailed her and she sent me two free ones!!! Now, how awesome is that.

  10. Postman brought me a cute little owl from Earthenwood the other day - he's sitting waiting,....

    You're gonna love working with the sari silks - you got some great colors. Nicole over at
    has great colors too and their sari silk yarn and banana fibers are fantastically addicting to work with was well!

    Love all the beads you got - those are really special.

  11. I took a lampwork class from Serena Smith many years ago and have a bunch of beads she made in class and gave away. I just made a necklace with one of those beads earlier this week. Love the sweet flowers you got from her. Can't wait to see what you make with them. I hope they show up in your blog.

  12. Oh my god - I want your postman too:-)

  13. Now I am going to have to get myself some of the silk. I have always loved the look of it.


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