Trunk Show success!

What a great time! It was a nice and steady night until about 9:15pm, and the last of the ladies left the building. The credit card option was hugely successful! Almost everyone paid by credit card, and I had no problems at all with the Square. 

People seemed to link my set up. Bona from the gift shop who was selling the Vessel International amber jewelry beside me, joked that my tables were on steroids because they were so tall! :)  Lighting was quite poor and shoppers had trouble seeing the colors of the beads.

A few showy pieces sold, including the butterflies necklace!  But I have plenty of jewelry to be listed over the weekend. All in all it was worth the time and effort. And it is nice that I have a lot left for the sale that starts on Monday.

Didn't bring boxes
Could have brought more lighting
Didn't save enough space on my table for a wrapping station
Could have used an extra helper
Didn't have enough props- I really missed having that window
Should have made more earrings with silver wires
I think my 2 tables should have been against the wall, making a bit more room between my tables and Bona's tables. Stuff on the table against their table didn't really get a lot of views.  Things sold more from the front facing table.

Every show like this is a learning opportunity, which is also why I'm sharing this information here. I know many of you have shows or would like to have shows like this, so I do hope these details help you in planning your next.

I guess now it's time for clean-up. Ugh. The studio and dining room is a huge disaster area.

I hope to get this all done this morning because my bead soup arrived and I can't wait to play! Look at the delicious beads that Kate sent me! I love the color palette and it's kind of funny that we both picked similar colors to send each other. I wonder if Kate has her beads yet.