Covered Stones

I have this recent adoration with these crochet covered stones. There is just something about a natural rock,  with a pretty crocheted jacket on that makes me squirm!! I feel like I totally have to have one but then I tell myself, why on earth do you need one of those. I have bought things like this in the past, and it just sits and 10 years from now as I'm dusting it for the 9000th time, I will think to myself, why on earth did I buy this!?

Here are some of my favorites from Etsy.


  1. I agree-they are quite beautiful- I especailly like the last one with the fabric incorporated. We may not think we need little pretties like these but I always feel like they soothe the soul. Not a bad thing...

  2. Anonymous9/12/2011

    If you need an excuse to buy them than say that you need them for a cold winternight. Heat the stones and let them warm the bed before you turn in. I think it is an excellent excuse....

    - Pepita

  3. Lorelei, everyone needs a paperweight. Right!

  4. Lorelei, that is so funny that you posted this. One of my dear friends came to visit a few weeks ago and this was her traveling project.

    She made a lovely one for me and now I have made a bunch and given them to friends.

    They are so compelling...and quick and easy to crochet.

    I particularly love the fabric one.

    Thanks for sharing and hope all is well with you.

  5. Hi Lorelei,

    I love the embellished river rock! It would be a lovely and useful thing to use in the sewing studio to hold down a pattern or stacks of fabric ready for rotary cutting. Great as a paperweight too I suppose.



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